Osprey Stratos 24 vs 34 vs 36

osprey stratos 24 vs 34 vs 36


Hiking is not an activity that everyone likes. However, for those who start doing it, it turns into a passion in a very short time. It is a well-known fact that walking is very beneficial for health. In hiking, you can contribute to your physical health and also mental well-being by contacting the silent and peaceful nature.

Camping and hiking are generally considered inseparable. Yes, most people may choose to camp after hiking, but it is not a necessity. You can return home after enjoying nature by day hiking. However, you have to be prepared as you will be in the wilderness either way. Once you start hiking, it won’t be easy to come back for any of your needs.

Since it will not be possible to turn back easily, it is necessary to carry the items that you will need the most during the time you will spend away. For this reason, specially designed wide hiking bags that you can carry comfortably will be your biggest helper. In this article, we have examined one of these bags for you.

Osprey’s Stratos has 5 different models according to the size of the volume. The largest volume is 50, and the smallest one is 24. In this article, we compared three different sizes of Stratos: 36, 34, and 24. By comparing them, we aimed to help hikers to find the right bag for their needs. Let’s take a look at the features of these bags together.

Who Is Stratos For?

Stratos is specially designed for hikers. It is enriched with different pockets that are thought to be needed for storage. The models we will examine will vary due to their volume sizes. Which one you should choose depends on your needs. Choosing different models for day hiking or overnight hiking would be better. 

They have similar features other than their sizes and are ideal for providing the best hiking experience. They have the technology to provide ventilation during long walks and to ensure that the weight is distributed evenly. Since Osprey is a specialized brand in this field, you can buy its products without worrying about their quality.

Although the bag is unisex, it may be too big for women because it has only small/medium and medium/large sizes. It does not have smaller sizes, but Osprey produced a similar featured model with Stratos for women. It has medium/small and small/x small sizes. Before purchasing a bag for hiking, don’t forget to check its exact size, or it may not fit you properly. 

Features of the Models

Osprey Stratos 24

osprey stratos, 24

Its size is 22h x 12w x 10d inches. S/M has 22 liters of volume, and M/L has 24 liters of volume. It can carry a load of 10 – 25lb. It has 5 pockets. It is the smallest model of the Stratos. It has an additional rain cover. It is more suitable for day hiking since it is not wide enough to carry camping equipment. 

Osprey Stratos 34

osprey stratos, 34

Its size is 24h x 13w x 13d inches. S/M has 32 liters of volume, and M/L has 34 liters of volume. It can carry a load of 15 – 30lb. It has 7 pockets. It has an additional rain cover and a sleeping bag compartment. It is suitable for day and overnight hiking since it is wide enough to carry camping equipment.

Osprey Stratos 36

osprey stratos, 36

Its size is 28h x 13w x 12d inches. S/M has 34 liters of volume, and M/L has 36 liters of volume. It can carry a load of 15-30 lb. It is larger than the other two models. It has an additional rain cover like others and also a sleeping bag compartment. It is suitable for overnight camping since it is pretty wide to carry camping equipment. 

Comparison of the Models

Stratos 34 vs 36

They are very similar, but 36 is bigger. Still, both of them can carry a 15-30 lbs load. Both have sleeping compartments for overnight hiking. This part has a dropdown driver feature. You should unthread the toggles inside the main pack to use it. The sleeping compartment is placed in the bottom part of the bag, and it is possible to reach the main pack from this part. 

Since 34 has a zipper in the main pack, fewer items can fit in. It can be tight for you if you need so much equipment to stay overnight. 36 has a top lid instead of a zipper. So it will take more equipment. Also, 36 has an extra pocket inside the top lid, while 34 has a pocket with a zipper in the top front part. 

Stratos 24 vs 34

They have dual zippers in the main pack. Both of them are suitable for day hiking. 34 can be a little large for day hiking. But you can use it if you take so many items with you. For example, if you are hiking with someone and you only take one bag, 34 will be ideal. 

They have a pocket with a zipper in the front part. But 34 has a sleeping compartment and more pockets than 24. 34 can carry a load of 15-30 lbs, and 24 can carry 10-25 lbs. Other than that, they are pretty similar. They both have a rain cover and removable sleep pad straps. They are also both front-loading models. 

Stratos 24 vs 36

Even though they have the same quality, they are completely different in terms of size. 24 is for daily hiking, but 36 is for overnight hiking with its sleeping bag compartment and more pockets for storage. 24 has a zipper on the main compartment, while 36 has a top lid. Still, 24 have removable sleeping pad straps like 36. So you may carry an additional sleeping pad if you need it. 

Stratos 24 vs 34 vs 36

All models have a special technology to increase pack balance. Bags’ interior part is in contact with the body and is made of durable, 3D tensioned breathable meshes. It reduces sweating. They have hip belts to keep the bags steady. They also have an internal reservoir sleeve to prevent the weight from being on one side and to provide an even weight distribution. 

All of them have a rain cover. If it rains, you can use this removable cover to protect your bag from rain and prevent your belongings from getting wet. You can keep it in its special pack when you are not using it. You should make sure it is completely dry before putting it back in the pack after using it. Otherwise, fungus, mold, or algae may form on it. 

All models have removable sleeping pad straps. You can hang your rolled sleeping pad on the lower part of your bag. You can remove it when you don’t need a sleeping pad with you. However, it is completely safe. It won’t break or open as you walk. Also, all the models have straps around the pockets. They compress the stuff inside the bag and fix them. 

However, they have different sizes and volumes. 36 is the largest and has some features that others don’t have. It is different from others with its upper design. 24 and 34 have zippers to close the main pack. However, 36 has a top lid. The top lid also has an inner pocket that provides an extra storage area. 24 and 34 have a zippered pocket on the upper front.

While 34 and 36 have 7 external pockets, 24 have 5. Also, 24 does not have a sleeping bag compartment. That is why it is more suitable for day hiking, while others can be used for overnight hiking. Still, they all have mesh side pockets on both sides. You can keep a water bottle here. Additionally, if you use a trekking pole, they all have an attachment for easy carrying.


Hiking is an activity that is good for people in every way. It allows you to relieve stress and relax. You will be peaceful away from the rush of the city. But it’s important to have all the necessary equipment with you before hiking. We compared three sizes of the Stratos, in which you can fit all your hiking equipment.

All of these products have good quality. Osprey is already one of the best brands in this regard. Our comparison was more about their sizes and the features that are changing accordingly. Since the biggest one is 36, it has more features. However, you should not buy a bag just because it is large if you do not need it. 

Small bags such as 24 will be enough for day hiking. 34 can be preferred for either day or overnight hiking according to your needs. We compared these three products for you. You can be sure about its quality. You just need to understand how big a bag you should have. We hope our article helped you choose the bag you need.


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