About Us

Nature, where our physicalities end, has always been a primary source of both inspiration and relaxation. Once in a while, most people want to escape into the heart of nature to find themselves back again and their place in life if they are lucky.

For those who want to leave the city behind for a while, short or long, we want to be their guide to lose and find themselves. The first shortcut to collect yourself in nature is camping, to no one’s surprise. We advocate the conditions in which the outdoors wins the conflict against the indoors and urban. If you’re thinking about how it’s going to happen, we’ll hold your hand during your upcoming times of being a backpacker. With tips & tricks, recommendations & comparisons of camping equipment, we mix bit of everything related to the outdoors & camping. You don’t need to be anxious in nature as long as you have us, Beras Outdoor, right here. Get out and get lost in the woods only to find your true self.