Are Osprey Backpacks Worth It?

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A backpack is necessary for travelers and hikers. Hikers and campers carry all the required equipment in their backpacks. In addition to these adventurers, those who travel frequently and do not want to take large suitcases often prefer large-capacity bags. Of course, everyone is looking for high-quality, extra-durable bags that will not tear easily. Apart from that, these bags need to be wide so that all the necessary items can fit in.

Osprey is one of the most popular brands in backpacks. Many brands have different backpack models with various capacities. It is possible to find suitable models for every use. Many people prefer this quality brand, but it is not affordable at all. For this reason, there is a question that people who want to buy this product ask a lot: Are Osprey backpacks worth it? Wouldn’t more affordable products be enough?

In this article, we will look at the products of the Osprey brand and see if they are worth buying. For this, we evaluated the features of the brand’s bags. We talked about the distinctive features that make this bag different from the others. Also mentioned about some of the parts to be developed. Let’s see if Osprey is worth buying or not.

Why Osprey?

One of the reasons why Osprey is preferred so much is that there are various model options for all kinds of needs. These can be used for different types of trips. It is mostly preferred by hikers and campers. The reason for this is that the bags to be used for these need to be extra strong, wide, and comfortable. 

In addition, Osprey has some special features designed just for hiking and camping, such as sleeping bag compartments, ice tool attachments, and trekking pole attachments. All Osprey bags do not have the same features. It can also be used for different purposes, for example, you can easily use this bag when traveling. You do not have to carry heavy suitcases for short trips. 

 Osprey is a brand with a very high price. But honestly, the Osprey is not more expensive than other bags with similar quality. However, there are more affordable options available. We can’t expect them to have the same quality as Osprey. However, not everyone may need a product as high quality as the Osprey and does not need to pay that much. Let’s talk about who should prefer Osprey the most. 

Who Should Buy an Osprey?

Of course, buying a durable bag is a good investment, but you don’t need such a bag if you are not going to use this high-quality bag regularly under harsh conditions. These bags are designed for much more rugged conditions. For example, it will be ideal for your time in nature. It is also suitable for long journeys which require you to use different transportation such as buses or trains. 

Apart from this, it is not necessary for the occasional trips that you provide comfortable transportation for a few days. In the meantime, Osprey products have different prices according to their capacities and additional features. When choosing a backpack for you, it will be better to choose it according to your needs. You don’t need to spend extra money on a bag with features you don’t need.

Are Osprey Backpacks Worth It?



Osprey is one of the brands that produce the most comfortable backpacks. It has special technologies to provide maximum comfort for users. It also advances existing technologies for new bag models. One of its technologies is the AirScape back panel which is found in most of its bags. This ensures the best back fit and breathability. In addition, the straps and hip belts have meshed structures.

The torso length can be adjusted for the most comfortable carrying. Torso length is measured in stores, but if you want to measure it yourself, you can find the appropriate instructions on the Osprey site. Thus, your bag’s torso length will be suitable for your body. Some brands do not have the option to adjust the torso length on their backpacks. From this point of view, Osprey is ahead.

Osprey’s backs are lightweight, but with the Antigravity Suspension system in some bags, people feel their backpacks are lighter than they are. Considering the price, people may wonder if comfort is worth paying this much. The answer is yes. You won’t regret buying an Osprey backpack since its products are so comfortable for travelers and hikers


There are different-sized bags for various usages. There are models with the same features but separated from each other because of their suitability for different genders. The models suitable for women and men also have different sizes, such as XS/S or S/M for women and M/L or L/XL for men. This allows you to find the bag that best fits your body. The capacities of the models also vary. 

There are different capacities from 30 liters to 100 liters. The smaller models may be suitable for daily walks or trips of less than 2-day. The ones with larger capacities will be better for trips up to one week. The largest models will be suitable for those who will be hiking overnight. Having so many options is another reason to say yes to those who ask, “Are Osprey backpacks worth it?”. 

Capacities of Osprey Backpacks

osprey atmos

One of the smaller models suitable for men is the Stratos, with capacities of 24, 34, and 36 liters. Exos is larger with its 38, 48, and 58-liter capacities. Another model is called Atmos. It is one of Osprey’s largest backpacks with 62, 65, and 68-liter capacities. There are also other smaller and larger models, such as Talon, Aether, and Kestrel.

Among the suitable backpacks for women, Tempest is one of the smallest with its 9 liters capacity. There is also a 24-liter capacity of Tempest and a 28-liter capacity of Tempest Pro. Sirius is a bigger model with 24, 26, 34, and 36-liter capacities. Kyte has 36, 46, 56, and 66-liter capacities, and finally, Ariel plus is one of the biggest ones, it has 60, 70, and 85-liter capacities. 

Features of the Backpacks

Osprey’s different bags have various features. These features are not necessary for everyone. For example, ice tool attachment and trekking pole attachment are not required if you are only going to use your backpack for travel. However, if you are going to use it for hiking and if these tools are among the equipment you use frequently, these features will be very useful for you.

Apart from that, most models have a sleeping bag compartment. It is a well-considered feature for overnight hikers, but if you are going to use it on daily trips or travels, this compartment can be unnecessary. All large-capacity models of Osprey have a sleeping bag compartment, but you can enlarge the main compartment by removing the sleeve in this section.

In addition, the number of pockets of Osprey’s backpacks also varies. Generally, all bags have meshed side pockets to put water bottles. All have a large main compartment. This part is usually accessed from the wide gap above, but some models also have a side pocket to provide easier access to the main compartment. So, the ease of organizing the bag may vary depending on the model.

Most Osprey models have a pocket on the hip belt. These are particularly useful for storing small items. Some models don’t have them, so if hip belt pockets are important to you, ensure they’re included with the model you buy—especially the models with large capacities with a top lid. Top lids can be fixed or removable. So models have a meshed pocket inside the top lid. Comparison straps keep your belongings stable. 

The bags are water-repellent but not completely waterproof. In other words, when it rains, there is a possibility that the items inside will get wet. Generally, Osprey bags have a rain cover. These are sold with the bag. If you think this is enough, you can choose Osprey, but if you are looking for a waterproof bag instead of dealing with a rain cover, you should choose another bag.


Osprey has a lifetime warranty. But not everything is covered under warranty. We can simply say that the warranty covers the problems caused by the production of the bag. In such cases, there is a free repair or replacement. Of course, it is primarily trying to be repaired. Other than that, some situations are not covered by the warranty.

However, even in cases not covered by the warranty, Osprey provides repair support if you cover the service fee. What is not covered by the warranty? The warranty does not cover the damages that occurred by exposure to environmental factors. However, tearing is very common as a result of exposure to humidity and different weather conditions. You can contact Osprey and request repair support for your bag. 

Also, if the bag is torn due to external factors, it is not covered by the warranty. Of course, many different problems may arise due to external factors, especially for hikers, campers, and travelers. For example, it can be torn easily by the branches of a tree. Likewise, if you are going to use it on travels, it can be torn by snagging somewhere in airports or other means of transportation.

User-induced deterioration of zippers is also not covered by the warranty. It would be better to maintain the zippers, so they do not deteriorate regularly. There may be a case of not repairing zippers, which are especially worn out irreversibly. We should point out that fabric and other materials may differ from the original one according to the stocking.

You can create a claim after checking the warranty conditions on the brand’s website in detail. Of course, there may be many problems due to usage, and it is not nice that the warranty does not cover them, but it should be noted that many brands do not cover the problems arising from use in the same way. It’s good for them to help with the repairs, though.

Final Verdict

In this article, we answered your question: Are Osprey backpacks worth it? The answer is yes, but it can still vary according to different needs. As we mentioned, it is a comfortable backpack. You can adjust it in the way that best suits your body. There are various models to suit every requirement. Depending on your needs, you can choose a large or small-capacity backpack. 

It is not very affordable, but if you do a little research, you can see that backpacks that you can use for a long time have similar prices. If you plan to use the backpack frequently, buying a cheaper and poor-quality bag may cause you to regret it later. These bags wear out easily, so you have to buy a new one and spend more money. 

Osprey, on the other hand, has very good quality. That’s why it has a lifetime warranty. Of course, some cases are not covered by the warranty, but it is still possible to get repair support. As a result, an Osprey backpack will be worth it if you want to buy a good backpack. We hope our article was useful for you. See you again.


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