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What Is the Brize Made Of?

The Brize’s main material is an incredibly durable 420D Nylon fabric that gives not only good strength but also excellent wear and weather resistance. To withstand frequent misuse, a substrate of 630D nylon is used to support this material. Despite the bag’s remarkable durability, you can comfortably use alternatives weighing 1,19 kg or 905 g because it doesn’t feel heavy and hard like older canvas bags. This makes it easy and pleasant to wear for long periods.

Which Back System Does It Use?

Several design modifications have been made to the Brize to transform it into a fantastic walking, hiking, and travel backpack that can carry a large load effectively and comfortably. The Aeroform back panel, a hydrophobic thermoformed panel, created to promote airflow and comfort, and to allow the weight to rest close to your back without digging in, is where it all begins.

Further enhancing comfort are the padded shoulder straps, which are kept in place by a sternum strap. The waist strap prevents the pack from swinging around when traveling through difficult terrain.

What Are the Features?

You may attach walking poles and other equipment to the front of the pack using dual daisy chains and SwiftClip bungee straps. If you don’t prefer hydration bladders, two side pockets are on either side of this meant to hold water bottles. A secure inside pocket is practical for a wallet or keys while traveling, and two additional pockets in the top-loading lid keep small items like a map or snacks.

Last but not least, a hydration bladder is stored within the pack in a sleeve with a tube channel that you may thread through the pack and down the straps. The Brize 25 and Brize 32 backpacks from Arc’teryx include the following features:

Configuration of the Pack Pocket:

  • There is a security pocket within the backpacks.
  • Side pockets offer the convenience of storing trekking poles or 1-liter bottles.
  • The front of the bag has a zipped pocket with easy access.
  • You may keep little items in the top flap pocket.

Pack Hydration:

  • Backpacks are compatible with hydration bladders. 
  • The pack has a HydroportTM drink tube route with a built-in clip to keep the bladder suspended.

Design and Construction of the Pack:

  • The backpacks are made with a thermoformed, hydrophobic AeroformTM back for improved airflow and comfort.
  • The backpacks have dual front daisy chains and SwiftClip bungee straps to secure equipment like trekking poles.

Configuration for Pack Suspension:

  • Sternum straps and padded shoulder straps greatly improve wearing comfort.

Configuration for Pack Loading and Closing:

  • The main compartment of backpacks has top access and cord closure.

Configuration of the Package Compression Straps:

  • Two compression straps on each side, for a total of four.

Configuration of the Pack Mount:

  • Enables the safe keeping of a single mountaineering or ice implement.


  • The bottom panel is made of N630p-HT nylon 6.6 plain weave.
  • The fabric is N420p-HT nylon 6.6 plain weave.


  • Only needs surface cleaning for care.

Arc’teryx Brize 25 vs Brize 32

Arc'teryx Brize 25

Designed to last a lifetime, the Arc’teryx Brize 25 is comfortable and durable. The Brize 25 has a volume of 25 liters, as its name suggests. This volume makes the Brize 25 ideal for day hikes, quick trips, and everyday use since it can store all the necessities. The Brize 25 has the following measurements: 55 x 25 x 15 cm. In other words, it is a size that is suitable for the majority of people’s heights.

An excellent and long-lasting backpack for travelers of all kinds is the Arc’teryx Brize 32. The Brize 32 has the following measurements: 61 x 25 x 20 cm. The Brize 32 has a volume of 32 liters. There is plenty of room in this volume to store items like a tripod, additional water, snacks, and clothing. Due to this, the Brize 32 can be used for daily activities in addition to long hikes and weekend trips. Additionally, it allows two people to make short trips while carrying both people’s stuff.

Let’s take a closer look at the Arc’teryx Brize 25 and Brize 32 backpacks in terms of different features such as durability, comfort, capacity, and material.


The Brize 25 and Brize 32, as one would expect from Arc’teryx, have a weatherproof structure. Everything about these bags, from the stitching to the material selection, oozes robustness. The 420D high-strength nylon is incredibly robust, with a highly dense weave and a smooth hand feel.

Additionally, the bag’s bottom is lined with 630D high-tenacity nylon for even greater abrasion resistance. The Brize 25 and Brize 32 are weather-resistant vehicles that can tolerate light rain for many hours and torrential deluges for nearly an hour.

Pack Size

How much equipment do you usually take on a day hike? Your pack should be the appropriate size for the items you plan to carry.

As its name implies, the Arc’teryx Brize 25 is a 25-liter bag. The important stuff you would want to bring with you, such as a couple of liters of water, some camping gear, extra clothing, lunch, and some extra tiny items like a map, compass, and wallet, have enough room in this volume. If you’re planning a quick hike, this is sufficient.

The Arc’teryx Brize 32 might be a better option for longer hikes and weekend adventures, such as full-day hikes. A 32-liter capacity can be found in the Brize 32 backpack. This is plenty for the Brize 25 to contain everything it can, plus extra supplies of food, clothing, drink, and electronics. Depending on your required capacity, you can pick one of these backpacks.

Pack Weight

Brize 25 by Arc’teryx weighs 905 grams when empty. You can hike farther and faster because of the decreased bag weight. Therefore, Arc’teryx Brize 25 will be an excellent choice if you believe you will put enough weight in the bag and want your bag to be lighter.

Despite being naturally heavier than the Brize 25, the Arc’teryx Brize 32 is nevertheless relatively lightweight at 1.19 kg. Your comfort level with this pack weight will depend on how much hiking you do.


What are you planning to do with your backpack? The versatility of the Arc’teryx Brize 25 and Brize 32 allows you to transition from the trail to the city easily. Both include side pockets and an interior organizer. They are both simple, streamlined designs.

You have a wide variety of uses with both choices. For instance, a tough alternative for flying is the Arc’teryx Brize 25. If you want to remain somewhere over the weekend, the Arc’teryx Brize 32 is a superior option for storing clothing and other necessities.

On the trail, though, you’ll notice the important adaptability differences. The Brize 25’s smaller capacity is preferable for shorter and half-day walks. Additionally, agility is improved by the 905-gram weight. The Arc’teryx Brize 32, on the other hand, provides more inner capacity so you can spend the entire day on the trail with food, beverages, and other necessities.

Comfortability and Functionality

Whatever your body type, the Brize 25 and Brize 32 can conform to the curve of your back while yet being sufficiently firm to provide a reasonable amount of weight distribution. The J-shaped shoulder straps on the Brize are thickly and densely padded with closed-cell foam, making them supportive for bigger loads and incredibly comfortable for typical weights.

The sternum strap may be set at six different heights and is locked into place using a ladder lock system. The Brize 25 and Brize 32 each contain two side pockets that can safely store tripods and water bottles.

They also have a small zippered pocket that’s perfect for little goods and a zippered bag on top of the lid for easy access to items like camera batteries. The thermoformed back panel on the Brize 25 and Brize 32 is ergonomic. With a thick pad that feels like memory foam, this back panel is exceptionally comfy.

These Brize features are quite useful. The Brize 25 and Brize 32 are excellent choices in terms of these features and applicability for various usage scenarios. By determining how and under what circumstances you will use your backpack, you may select the best bag.


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