Arc’teryx Alpha AR 35 vs. 55

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Not many other manufacturers, Arc’teryx doesn’t simply give its apparel lines generic names based on celebrities or the designers’ favorite things. Instead, goods are given names that reflect their functions. Arc’teryx product names are clearly and concisely outlined in the name it’s.

Alpha AR 55 and Alpha AR 35 gear are compatible with a variety of climbing and alpine packs and harnesses and is designed for effortless reaching from above. Products with a beta or zeta notation may be used for general purposes and allow for the addition of further layers. The Gamma and Sigma lines include extremely breathable, weatherproof, abrasion-resistant, and elastic shells. Outer layers of Fission are windproof, waterproof, and insulated. Cerium goods have a high thermal performance-to-weight ratio and are used as insulators.

Atom goods won’t let you down when it comes to the elements. As down insulators, thorium products are adaptable and may be used beneath various outerwear. The gamma items may be used as an outer layer but can also be used as a mid-layer. Base layers made by Rho are warm and wick away moisture. Alpha AR 55 and Alpha AR 35 have base layers made by Satoro are made from merino wool, which is known for its inherent moisture-wicking, thermal efficiency, and antibacterial properties. The Phase line of items includes moisture-wicking base layers ideal for interval workouts.

Arc’teryx Alpha AR 35

Arc’teryx Alpha AR 35 vs. 55

Here we have another featherweight pack from Arc’teryx Alpha AR 35, but this time it’s more than just a different look and set of features; Alpha AR 35’s a whole new take on the notion of a “multi-role pack,” and it’s as tough as they come. Both are in the same package, that’s correct. Hikers and mountaineers who need a pack that can go anywhere and does anything would appreciate this one. It’s also great for touring skiers and difficult alpine climbers.

Those who value authenticity, history, and natural waxed canvas materials will be disappointed, while those who can’t function without a zillion compartments may want to go elsewhere. This pack’s orange and smoky gray color scheme makes it a poor choice for tactically minded hikers and military personnel who want to blend in and remain inconspicuous in a jungle.

The Alpha AR 35 impressive mountain background stands out. The Alpha AR 35 bag is tall and narrow, with no extra compartments on the side. The Alpha AR 35 features four compression straps, a rope keeper strap on top, and several attachment hooks. The double-draw cord top-loading design is a time-tested classic for a climbing pack since it is both simple and secure.

The lid is also not very flashy, consisting just of two tiny metal micro-hooks that allow it to be moved and removed. In this way, Alpha AR 35 might remain in its normal placement, be raised for overloading, or be detached entirely from the pack for quick and easy use. Arc’teryx Alpha AR 35 decided on a micro-toggle closure for the lid to reduce the Alpha AR 35’s weight.

Arc’teryx Alpha AR 55

Arc’teryx Alpha AR 35 vs. 55

The Alpha AR 55 is a backpack with enough space for many days of alpine climbing or ice climbing. You can take off parts to lighten the load, and it’s made of one of the hardest Alpha AR 55 backpack materials around. The Alpha AR’s face fabric is perhaps its most distinctive feature. Arc’teryx Alpha AR 55 collaborated with DuPont on developing a high-tenacity nylon and Liquid Crystal Polymer ripstop grid for the pack’s construction.

Alpha AR 55 brand-new fabric is far more durable, with 6-7 times the abrasion resistance of the previous type. As a result, you’ll have a face cloth that is resistant to all but the harshest conditions and durable enough to withstand continual wear.

Alpha AR 55’s pack’s back mechanism is also quite well designed. Now that the rear panel’s frame sheet can be detached, the pack may be lightened for quick ascents or rolled down and packed away for transport. The Alpha AR 55 includes a removable Alpha AR 55’s back panel and an extra frame sheet that provides additional form and stability.

Protecting your back from the sharp objects often found in a climbing or hiking pack is another useful function of the Alpha AR 55’s back panel. Moving downward, the hip belt wraps around your lower back like a climbing harness. The hip belt begins around the Alpha AR 55’s pack’s middle back panel rather than one of the bag’s sides, which is a welcome departure from the norm. You’ll feel safe and secure in this, and it can be adjusted to fit a broad variety of waist sizes. The thin, breathable shoulder straps will keep you dry and comfortable.

Arc’teryx Alpha AR 35 vs. Alpha AR 55

The Alpha AR 55 is a more basic pack than the rest of the series. Alpha AR 55’s primary storage area is a minimalist haven designed to accommodate an abundance of climbing gear. The compartment can be easily accessed, even while wearing gloves, thanks to the standard cover, which may be unzipped for extra room or discarded to save weight. Below, you’ll find a drawcord that you can pull to open and shut and a top flap that will shield you from the elements. Everything you need in Alpha AR 55, including your complete trad rack, helmet, shoes, and an assortment of mountain munchies, will fit.

Moreover, Alpha AR 55’s interior of the lid has a second, zippered security pocket with a key clip, providing enough space for stowing away your most precious possessions. Various ice axes may be stored in the bag’s daisy chains and ice axe loops, both of which are made from bespoke webbing. When your pack isn’t filled, you may use the side compression straps to cinch it down and prevent it from moving about.

In addition to being waterproof and abrasion-resistant, Alpha AR 55 bag has a main compartment that opens and closes with a drawcord, ice ax loops, a detachable frame sheet and Alpha AR 55 back panel, a removable lid with a zipped pocket, and a security pocket beneath the cover with a key clip.

Carabiners, a rolled-up rain jacket, crampons, or even snowshoes (with additional cordage) may be easily attached to the front of the Alpha AR 35’s pack through the micro daisy chains and bungee net. The new ice tool attachment mechanism is fantastic since it ensures that the tools stay flush against the Alpha AR 35 backpack and that the heads and edges remain perfectly aligned.

Removing tools is easy and takes no time at all, even while wearing thick gloves. Two ice tools, trekking poles, crampons, and snowshoes may all be worn on the exterior at the same time. Additionally, a rope is concealed inside the lid and a further compression strap at the very top.

A score of 8 is good if you ask for a pack that seems to be Alpha AR 35’s 35 liters in capacity. You may attach carabiners, loops, climbing tools, additional gear pouches, a small water bottle, etc., to the belt’s semi-stiff cable hangers, so you always have everything you need within easy reach when you’re up there.

Hanger loops are an essential feature of every climbing bag. The Alpha AR 35 may also be used with water bottles. With a capacity of about 35 liters that can be expanded to around 40+ in overstuffed mode, it is roomy enough for any day excursion and most weekend mountain trips as well.

There isn’t a side zipper that might add bulk and decrease the jacket’s durability and weather proofness. This product is in the augmented reality (AR) category and is useful beyond simply the realm of alpine sports. It is a reasonably sized pack that can be swiftly and effectively loaded with anything you could require.


You need to take a lot of things with you when you go for a walk or go on vacation—spare clothes, underwear, charger, thermos cups, power banks, and more. You need a good bag to carry all these items. One of the best doing this job is Arc’teryx. Arc’teryx has many products. However, Alpha AR 35 and Alpha AR 55 are the two best products that can help you at this point.

It may be useful to examine all the features given in detail to decide which one will best meet your needs because the needs of a bag may vary from person to person, or the desired comforts may differ. Both products have their characteristics. Your needs will differ according to the travels you want to go or the nature walk/camping you will do. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to buy a bag according to your needs, Alpha AR 35 or Alpha AR 55.


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