How to Attach Trekking Pole to Osprey Backpack

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So, in this article, we will first give you some information about Osprey, and their products, then we will explain how to attach trekking poles to Osprey backpacks. The backpacks of Osprey will surely provide you comfort, and after explaining all the amazing features the product has, you will also see why yourself. Without further ado, let’s get into our article.

About Osprey

Osprey is a brand that focuses on the delivery of the best products that they can deliver to their customers. Osprey was founded by Mike Pfotenhauer. In the start, he and his wife founded Osprey with a different name, Santa Cruz Recreational Packs, 1974. They started their journey by producing packs for backpacking. After moving their company from place to place, by 2001, the company had 92 employees.

By the year 2002, the malfunctioning of the company’s products was also done in Korea and Vietnam. Year by year, the company only grew and grew. By 2021, Osprey had approximately 300 employees, and they would generate $155–160 million. In 2021, the company, Osprey was sold to Helen of Troy Limited for $414 million.

Osprey Backpacks with Special Place for Trekking Poles

Now, after giving you some information about Osprey, we can finally start explaining the backpacks and how to attach trekking pole to Osprey backpack. High-quality Osprey backpacks allow you to hike and take a walk in a very comfortable way. Apart from the trekking pole holes, the backpacks also have many amazing features.

The backpacks were designed for the customer’s comfort, and the features prove this. A water reservoir sleeve, breathable, close-to-body AirScape back panel, and a continuous-wrap harness and hip belt that moves with you are all included in this amazing product. 

When you purchase an Osprey backpack, you can be sure that you are purchasing the best product for your hikes. And with the Osprey backpack you purchased, you will be ready for everything you can encounter on your hike. Apart from the trekking pole mount holes, the products of Osprey also have an ice axe, bike helmet, and blinky light mounting options. This way, you can be sure that you will be ready for every adventure and fully ready.

The products of Osprey have features like access to the main compartment through a dual-zippered panel, internal mesh zippered pocket with key clip, slash pocket on top panel zippered, helmet LidLock attachment, sleeve for the external hydration reservoir, hip belt compartments with dual zippers. As we mentioned, with these amazing features, you don’t ever have to have a second doubt about whether to purchase an Osprey backpack or not.

How to Attach Trekking Pole to Osprey Backpack

Now we can finally get to our main question after giving you all the necessary information about Osprey and their products. This title will not take much space, as it is easy to attach a trekking pole to the place designed specifically for them. This system was specially designed for the attaching to be quick and effortless. With this amazing Stow-On-The-Go system, you can mount and remove the trekking poles within seconds. But how is this possible?

It’s a pretty simple system. The handles of the trekking pole are held in place by an adjustable shock cord loop on your left shoulder strap, and the tips of it slip into another loop on the pack’s side to keep the whole trekking pole in space.

With this system, after mounting the trekking poles in their place, you will see that they will stay between your arm and your pack, so they won’t bother you when you are walking. The loop at the top is adjustable, so you can adjust how tightly the loops will hold your trekking poles. In contrast, the loop at the bottom is made to guide and is not adjustable. Make sure the trekking poles are secured in their place, and you are ready to go on your hike!


After reading this article, you should know all the necessary things about Osprey, their products, and, most importantly, how to attach a trekking pole to them. As we also mentioned at the beginning, having a trekking pole with you on your hikes is important for the comfort and safety they provide. But without a place to put them, even if they provide safety and comfort, they will also be additional weight.

That is why Osprey backpacks are one of the best options that you can choose to purchase. Because after you are done with the trekking poles, or when you want to rest your arms and hands a bit, you can just put the trekking poles in their place, and you can continue your way without a problem.

As we mentioned, because the Stow-On-The-Go system was designed not to bother you and make you uncomfortable on your hikes, you will be able to continue walking without any discomfort. We hope this article helped you understand the products of Osprey and how easily you can attach the trekking poles in their place in these products.


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