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How Should Hiking Boots Fit

Hiking is a challenging sport that needs to be supported by the right equipment. Hiking boots take the lead since hiking can take a toll on the feet. To minimize the pain our feet have to endure, we must be in search of durable and comfortable hiking boots. They are to be our very companions during the highlights of our hiking. We are dependent on them for an enjoyable experience.

We all know how hard it is to find decent hiking boots that are comfortable to wear for long periods. We look into several websites, read the product comments, and go to stores that sell specialized products for this kind of thing to decide which would be best for us. The process can be a thorn in our side. We aim to make that decision a little easier by mentioning one of the products you might have encountered: Hi-Tec Hiking Boots. 

Product Dimensions  10 x 15 x 6 inches; 1.4 Pounds
Item Model Number Altitude IV Waterproof
Department Men’s
Manufacturer Hi-Tec
Pros Cons
It needs a short break-in period. It has a short life span.
It is waterproof. It comes in small sizes.
It has a special additional layer to keep the water out. Poor stitching may be encountered. 
It offers a comfortable hiking experience. Its tongue may be too big for the boots.

Who Can Benefit from Hi-Tec Hiking Boots?

Hi-Tec Hiking Boots are made with a sole goal: to provide an excellent hiking experience. They are made for male hikers. Its design is planned to give the consumers a comfortable hiking trip. 

It aims to comfort you during your hiking with its rubber sole and waterproof materials. It is supposed to be lightweight, unlike many boots on the market. These boots are stylish, so if you want to look cool, Hi-Tec Boots can give you a look during your journey. 

However, we’ve seen that the lifetime of these boots is short. Therefore, they give you their best in a short span of their time. It is, however, understandable since the price of these boots is lower than what you would expect. If you want something temporary that also performs well while it lasts, Hi-Tec Boots are for you. 

There can be few exceptions, meaning that some boots you have ordered may last longer while some of them may not last how long you want them to. This is a risk we take when we buy anything, but Hi-Tec boots are estimated to last around two years. So, if this is not a problem for you, you will benefit from what these boots offer at a small price.

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Features of Hi-Tec Hiking Boots

Water Resistance 

Being waterproof is more than enough to give the boots a chance. When you’re hiking, you will brush with many weather conditions, and most of them will be likely wet encounters. So, more often than not, the first thing to look for in hiking boots is the water resistance feature. 

Of course, there are many aspects to consider and compare when it comes to shopping, but when you do a quick math, you will probably conclude that if the price is low and the features are enough, then you can give them a chance. However, if you think the features are not good enough for you even when the price is reasonable, you can always compare the products with others to decide. 

If there is one thing these boots are capable of, it is being waterproof. These boots’ performance is quite good when it comes to protecting your feet against water. Its design includes rust-proof brass hardware, so you can imagine the water won’t harm your shoes. Also, i-shield hydrophobic technology creates an extra layer to hold the fort during your encounter with intense water situations. It can last 1-2 years. It is less expensive than what you can find these days, so even if it wears out faster than one would expect, it stays water resistant throughout its limited time. 


When looking for any product, one of the most important aspects is its durability. We want to buy stuff that will last us a long time so that we will have to spend our money on a cost-effective product and we can reap the rewards. Who wouldn’t want a product that they can proudly say was worth every penny? 

Durability is especially something to look for in more harsh terrain products or products that will be used in a place with a history of needing more sturdy materials. One of those harsh terrain products is hiking boots. 

Hiking has a history of being rough on the boots and shoes. The weather and the area in which you hike can take a toll on the materials of your shoes. If you want your shoes to last longer, choose them accordingly. Their materials need to be tough, not so easily broken exterior is highly important. If you are looking for something cheap that will work for the time being, we can grade Hi-Tec Hiking Boots based on their durability.

Unfortunately, the durability of these boots is not long-lasting. It can take you wherever you want to go without issues but probably cannot keep taking you places for more than 2 years. This also, depends on how well you take care of your boots. However, if all goes well, these boots can assist you in many hikes. It’s almost guaranteed that you won’t have trouble taking a hike with these boots.

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Buying footwear online comes with too much unpredictability. You can never be too sure of the sizes, so it may not be a good fit for you. Your feet may have strange feelings in certain types of shoes. I know someone who can be pretty frustrated by how some shoes bother the top of their feet. So, it may take trial and error until you find the one. 

Especially when it comes to hiking, one of the specialties you can pass up in a shoe is how comfortable they are. They will be on your feet for a long time in rough terrains. So it would be best if you were meticulous while choosing boots for the occasion. Here is what we can say about Hi-Tec Hiking Boots and their comfort.

Let’s start with the sizes. The sizes can be small. These hiking boots usually come in smaller sizes, so don’t be surprised if you have ordered them exactly your shoe size and they are a bit tighter. As we’ve said before, finding the right one takes trial and error. 

Some of the products that are distributed can have poor stitching. The seams can put pressure on top of your feet, hence creating a weird feeling that will give you sore spots on your feet in the long run. We suggest that if you feel the seams or any other part of the boots push up against your feet, you should try your luck on different boots. 

However, other than in some exceptional cases, these hiking boots are comfortable for most. It is not lightweight as advertised, but it is not hard to walk in and is pretty comfortable once you pass the short break-in period. 


Functionality is a pretty important feature to look for in every product. We all want to get our money’s worth and benefit from the product at its full capacity. Regarding hiking boots, we want them to function as they are supposed to. So let’s take a look at how functional these boots are.

As we’ve stated above, the price of these boots is low. However, they perform at full capacity, as one would expect from any other hiking boots. They are not the best in the market, but they are the best in this price range. In addition, they stay by your side in the cold and wet weather, giving you all that you can hope for in a pair of hiking boots. 

Also another design defect is that its tongue can be too big to fit the shoe. So, if that’s the case, you can get help from the supplier since this defect can cause problems during hiking. But, overall, we can say that even if they don’t last like their pricier counterparts, they can function as well as expected from a pair of hiking boots. 


The product is intended for male consumers. It is designed to overcome harsh weather and rough terrains. One of its features is the comfort one would look for in every shoe. It is much needed when considering what a person can go through in the wilderness. And even if it has some failings in that regard, it still performs well. 

The durability, however, can be questionable since it only takes approximately 2 years to wear out. However, It has a stellar performance regarding resistance to water. As long as it is not worn out, it will keep the water away with the help of its special additional layer and materials. It functions as well as any product in this price range can function. It may not last long, so it’s best suited for people who want something practical but don’t have long-term plans for these boots. So, even if they may not be the best hiking boots, they give you your money’s worth. 

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Top Amazon Customer Comments

J. Arrington – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I have wide feet and somewhat high arches, which has made finding really good shoes for general wear somewhat difficult. And for that reason, I have stuck with New Balance shoes since my undergraduate days. They are well made, and have versions designed for various activities, including running, cross-training, and walking. And very importantly, they come in widths other than “medium,” and provide the maximum benefit to my feet.

LT – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: These have been great boots. I am on my fourth pair of the Altitude series- a version I, version II, and now 2 version IVs. All have been good buys for me. The version IV have been the best but all have been good.


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