Osprey Kestrel 48 Review


Packs are Osprey’s bread and butter, and the business has made a name for itself as a leader in the industry. Also, for a wide range of fun and valuable pursuits. For example, they design backpacks for various uses, including day hikes, multi-day treks, sporting events, grocery shopping, and camping.

Additionally, the Osprey backpack is an excellent choice for those needing a compact multi-day hiking or camping pack. Also, it can be folded up and stored easily yet is quite solid and lightweight. In addition, it’s a fantastic Osprey backpack for those who want to utilize their bags as carry-ons throughout their trips. 

Osprey backpackers and cheap weekend trippers will love it. Regarding hiking backpacks, the Osprey Kestrel is unrivaled as a product catering to males. It’s available in several sizes, but the 48 is the most common among hikers and backpackers.

Brand Osprey
Item Dimensions (LxWxH) 13 x 13 x 30 inches
Material ‎Nylon fabrics
Color Picholine Green/Black/Loch Blue
Item Weight 3.44 pounds
Cutting Width 18 inches
Pros Cons
Comfort Insufficient for 5+ outdoor days
Suspension Expensive
Adjustability Inseparable top pocket
Size Too large of a hip belt

Features of Osprey Kestrel 48

Disconnecting the Velcro at the nape allows for vertical adjustment of the harness when it is not in use. Unfortunately, regarding backpacks, the Kestrel 48 is a rather large option. For this reason, it’s not practical for regular use (commuter, work, school). Honestly, do you think you could wear this monster to class or on the job? Unfortunately, the answer is no; I can’t!

Simply said, this is a walking backpack. Plus, therefore, it’s better than great. Thanks to its spacious interior and many pockets, this Osprey backpack is also suitable for a multi-day excursion with all your essentials. Furthermore, the Kestrel 48 is an excellent choice for camping trips since it has many storage compartments. Not surprisingly, Osprey backpacks are not cheap. In other words, it’s not a secret.

The Kestrel may be utilized for climbing icy summits or trail work. The Kestrel 48 can carry large loads in tough terrain, making it perfect for day excursions and overnighters. Adjustable torso lengths and an AirScape back panel allow optimal ventilation during tough activities. 

The integrated rain cover can be quickly and simply put up at the first sign of rain. In addition, you may store your trekking poles in the side-zip main compartment when bushwhacking or climbing.

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This rucksack is ideal for daily use, but it shines in the winter when you may need easy access to various garments and other items. In addition to the main compartment, two outside zippered entryways are in the top cover. A zipper at the bottom can be unzipped to create a standalone pouch or zipped up to join the main storage space.

On the interior, you’ll find some cloth that may be used to provide some privacy. The bag also has two zippered side pockets. These side pockets are great since they don’t protrude too much. 

Instead, when they are full, the extra volume forces the main compartment inward. Therefore, the focus should be less on expanding the content and more on making it more accessible and well-structured.

This reduces the time spent unpacking and repacking your belongings and keeps your bag looking sleek. Even more so when you need to remove your primary gloves, it’s ideal if you can reduce the time spent digging for and repacking accessories. 

Osprey Kestrel 48 is a very convenient and comfortable product to use. The Osprey back support supports your spine and prevents back pain or other spinal disorders.


The Kestrel 48 is an ideal pack for day hikes, weekend backpacking trips, and multi-day climbing expeditions. 48 liters of space is enough for this purpose. It includes everything you’d need for a journey of that kind.

This Osprey Kestrel 48 backpack utilizes the flexible AirScape suspension system. It has an EVA foam back panel and an internal metal frame that forms the perimeter. The ventilated side panel. However, I thought they were little for a pack of that size.

You may modify the harness’s fit by undoing the Velcro at the rear and moving the frame up or down. The straps include spacer mesh padding for comfort. The lumbar support and hip belt cushioning are constructed from the same breathable mesh and supportive foam. These Osprey Kestrel 48 backpacks come with a handy connection for trekking poles on the shoulder strap, which can be stowed away quickly and easily.

In case you are unfamiliar, this is where you store your poles when you stop for a quick snack or drink while out and about. This necessitates a shoulder strap bungee cord and a belt loop on the bag. The sternum strap has the standard adjustment and a whistle in case of an emergency.

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This backpack has a cover and a collar, so it may be loaded from the top. The primary storage area’s entrance is secured with a compression strap. The zippered bottom entry provides access to a sleeping bag compartment with an adjustable partition. 

A second entrance is also on the side, leading directly into the main storage area. Here we have a long zipper running vertically below the side compression straps.

There is a huge stretch mesh pocket on the front of the backpack. This may be a drawback since there is no top buckle to keep it closed. There is a huge, zipped pocket on the rear of the hood. The reverse of the hood has a zipped mesh pocket with a key clip.

On both sides of the backpack are huge stretch pockets—two belt pockets at the hips with zipper closures. In addition, there is a huge, zippered side pocket on the pack’s left side, mirroring the zipper’s placement on the side entry. 

There’s just one connection hook on the base, and it’s meant to work with the bungee hidden away on the side of the pack. In addition, the front of the pack may be attached to the other side’s compression straps since the straps are reversible.


The back panel is crucial since it has the most skin contact. A well-ventilated back panel will let your back breathe while wearing the pack, preventing sweating and odor. This occurs commonly with larger weights, particularly in the summer. The rear panel should be soft and substantial to shield you from the pack inside. Do you want your tripod poking you while hiking? Nope.

Kestrel? AirScape rear panel provides excellent ventilation. The mesh back panel breathes and doesn’t absorb sweat, keeping you comfortable even on the hottest summer days. Foam ridges ensure the pack fits appropriately and promote comfort, even when full. 

The hip belt provides comfort. Hip muscles should take most of the pack’s weight as they’re the biggest. The hip belt transfers weight from your shoulders and back to your hips.

Soft, comfortable, and well-ventilated, the Kestrel 48’s hip belt. The soft, padded mesh keeps your hips cool and comfortable. The belt is adjustable to accommodate your hips. It’s also useful for organizing equipment when traveling. Still, as a backpack, this isn’t a deal breaker. It has a great sleeping area with a side zipper at the bottom.

Final Verdict

Unbuckle the compression straps holding the lid down, then raise the cover to access the main compartment. Doing so will reveal the bag’s main section, normally secured by a drawstring. It’s both lovely and awful that you must unclip so often.

It makes things more watertight and secure while simultaneously making them easier to extract quickly. For this reason, you should put such items in the side pockets. This storage area is spacious, easily accommodating all your essentials for a day of hiking. This compartment, however, does not provide any additional storage space. On the other hand, it has an internal compression strap to provide a snug fit.

Problems in retrieving items from the bottom of top-loading compartments are inevitable. The Osprey Kestrel 48, however, eliminates this issue by providing a full-length, vertical zipper on one side of the bag that opens the whole storage space. Obtain everything you need, and you will be all set.

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Top Amazon Customer Comments

Collins10111 – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: The kestrel 48 is an amazing backpack especially for the money. I have an older one I’ve used pretty extensively and it’s been great. Was going to buy another for a family member on Amazon but it turned out to be too much for what they needed. I also have a talon 44 and the kestrel has thicker more comfortable shoulder and waist pads and a tougher outer material. Love the daisy chain attachments since when the pack is compressed down its impossible to add or remove a rain jacket in the front shove-it pocket. Side elastic pockets are easier to access than the talon when packed. Built in (bright green) rain cover is a nice addition also(see 2nd picture). I love the side pocket and the side access for main compartment, I had no idea how much I’d actually use them but I use them a ton.

Collins10111 – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Well I got this pack after allot of research and comparing it to the Rook 50 but ultimately picked this one. First the size is like the max size for carry-on bags so if you goal is to use it for traveling go forth. I was a bit skeptical the first time but it went flawlessly in the carry-on bin while traveling with Delta, United and American just don’t fill it to the brim of it when going with American as they did make me measure it and it fit by a feather inch. For hiking its super comfortable and it’s big enough for a weekend trip, haven’t tried it for longer since where I live (Puerto Rico) there aren’t trails for that amount of days but I’m sure it would be perfect. Super well made as always with osprey packs.

Ricardo Aguilar – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: My son is 6’3 and very thin but it could fit a bigger person . Well made and I am sure he will get a lot of use out of it. The only problem I have is the environmental issue and non toxic super healthy lifestyle they promote however the packs are all coated in formaldehyde . The warning I was shown ir is there was not in the bullet points of the amazing features. I went to their web site and it did not jump out there either that they coated it in formaldehyde in order to make it last longer. They scream how non toxic they are. Videos and great pics. Even with a tiny warning which they should own as loudly as they do the many great things their products offer. I called the company and was given a comforting response. She said no worries it will wash off and if he wears long sleeves he’ll be fine. My response “bless her heart”. I know from researching they are great bags especially for the money. And probably safer than most other packs. However it would benefit Osprey to give their employees a script instead of having them come up with something that was more unsettling it goes on to my son and into whatever it lands on. As a company that does so much to make a quality product spend a little more and make it a safer product. Any risk of cancer you add to my son’s life is not okay. Formaldehyde? Chitosan Is an alternative it is even used in food products.

Luis Quijano – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This is a pretty large backpack! Lots of space for storage. Common sense pockets to access things on the go without stopping and taking your pack off. It sits very comfortably!

Luis Quijano – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Can’t beat osprey quality.

Jane – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: It’s a bit smaller inside then i expected. But love the airscape back really nice comfortable pack. Lot of bells and whistles.

Joshua D. Wilcox – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Water bottle holders, including the horizontal ones, are very difficult to access. This wouldn’t be a big deal, since most packs’ water bottle holders are inaccessible, if I didn’t buy primarily because of that lol. Quality and features are great though and I can’t complain in regard to those.


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