Camping Games for Adults

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A weekend getaway out in the woods with plenty of fresh air, amazing sceneries, and endless wonders of nature is always a good idea. Especially if you are going with friends or your significant other, taking long peaceful walks, chitchatting around the campfire, and telling each other stories surely will be so much fun. 

But, there is one thing that could make camping trips more fun than they already are; camping games for adults. Yes, being an adult doesn’t mean that you should stick with the daily conversations when camping too. And you don’t need to look up tens of sites to find the best ones because we gathered a fantastic variety of camping games for adults!  

Best Camping Games for Adults

Camping Games for Adults

Then, let’s start with a classic; truth or dare! I’m sure you are familiar with the concept; however, even though this game is popular among kids, adults can enjoy it just as much! Nobody is sure, but the idea appeared in either classical Greece or 17th-century England. As you might already know, the game begins with one player selecting a participant and posing the query, “Truth or dare?” 

At that point, the decision to answer a “truth” about oneself or accept a “dare” to perform in front of everyone is made. This is fun and an amazing way to get to know your friends better. And if you love the idea but find it hard to get started, start with simple questions like ‘who did you kiss for the first time?’. 

The rest will come easily and quickly. Another perfect campfire game for adults is again a game that most will know; 21 questions. This time, the answerer is only one individual. And this person picks somebody, a location, or an item in silence. Everyone else takes turns posing a “yes” or “no” inquiry that will aid in their attempt to identify who, where, or what it is. 

Of course, only 20 questions must be answered correctly! The answerer wins if you fail. And this brings us to another classic; the telephone. You might remember playing this game in school, but even as an adult, you’d be surprised at how much fun it is. You’re ready to play the traditional game of Telephone because you’re already seated in a circle around the campfire. 

One player whispers a message into a neighbor’s ear, who then passes it on to the next. Continue around the campfire until you come to the final person, who will then announce the message they heard. You’ll all laugh out loud when you realize how much the message has evolved along the process. Besides, you can even make it a drinking game!

Camping Games for 2 Adults

Okay, there might be plenty of fantastic camping games for large groups, but are there any for two people, you ask? Don’t be that pessimistic; of course, there are amazing games you can play with your best buddy around the campfire! And one of these games is called ‘would you rather.’ You can discover a lot about your fellow weekend warriors while participating in this classic, timeless game. 

You know the drill, the question always starts with “would you rather?” And the rest depends on your imagination and the flow of the game. And this brings us to another well-known game you can play with only two people; two truths and a lie. You reveal two facts and one lie about yourself, and the other person must determine which one is a lie. 

Of course, you need to be careful not to judge the other person based on their response. Other than that, this is a fantastic game that guarantees a fun time. So now, let’s check out another campfire game that also guarantees fun; five best. In this game, to confound the other person, one person asks the other to list five of something. 

One strategy is asking your opponent to name five British Kings, Queens, or even five well-known rivers. The loser is the one who can’t go through their list of five. Ask the other individual whether they can name five planets, for instance. If not, stand up and go away. Leave this planet if you’re the one who can’t. And no, rules cannot be broken.

Camping Drinking Games for Adults

Well, drinking is one of the best ways to have fun when camping, especially if it’s cold and you want a drink that will be able to warm you up from the inside! And to make this event more fun, you can play drinking games with your friend group. For example, wink murder! To start the game, a leader should be chosen. Then they should instruct everyone else to close their eyes. 

Camping Games for Adults 2

The group is circled, and the leader selects one murderer by tapping them on the shoulder in silence. After they’ve decided and are seated again, the group should continue chatting like they usually would. However, at this stage, the murderer stealthily wink at their victims as they are being “murdered” to avoid being discovered by anybody else. 

You’re out if the murderer winks at you. You’re also out if you identify the murderer incorrectly. The game is over when someone is still “in” spots and names the murderer or after everyone has been killed. And every time one guesses incorrectly, they should drink. And if the murderer is busted, they should drink.

So now, let’s talk about sip sip shot! Do you have any memories of playing Duck Duck Goose as a child? The adult version is considerably more enjoyable. First, the group should decide who will be the “bopper,” and everyone should be gathered in a circle. The bopper walks about and gives everyone a head bump while urging them to taste their beverage. 

Afterward, when the bopper selects a participant to “drink” to, that participant must leap to their feet and chase the bopper around the circle. If they successfully tag the bopper, they take over as the new bopper; if not, they must take a chance. That said, make sure you are not close to the campfire while playing this game. Because, as you can guess, it might be dangerous.

Fun Camp Games for Large Groups

Want to learn some camping games for adults of large groups, here are some of the best! Which song will amuse and entertain you on a camping vacation with musical friends? There are about as many varieties of this game as there are people who play it! Here is an easy one. If your group includes a musician, they start playing their favorite song. The first to correctly identify the song wins! Nobody in your team has any musical ability? 

Connect a phone to your portable speakers, and start playing! Even though you adore your obscure underground music, not everyone in your group has likely heard of it. Playing music that most players have heard is the key to winning this game. Try splitting up into teams if you’re camping with a big group of people for more fun!

Camping Games for Adults

Mafia is also a timeless game that is enjoyable anytime, anywhere. If you’ve never played before, you better get ready to have a blast! A minimum of 7 players are needed for this game, with a maximum of 24. One deck of cards is all that is required. You can play this game while you’re seated. Lunch and dinner may be excellent chances around the campfire! Mafia The game was developed in the USSR as a political satire. 

The innocents, the mafia, the investigator, and the doctor are the participants. The mafia wants to eliminate innocent people. And the innocents need to identify who is a mafia member before things get messy! The doctor, including the patient can save anybody. So before they can kill the innocents, the detective is attempting to identify the mafia members. 

And this brings us to another fun game; true or false storytime. With this entertaining variation on Two Truths & One Lie, everyone can discover their inner storyteller. Everyone should first list a noun on a piece of paper. Then, choose a piece of paper when it’s your time, skim the word, and then roll the dice without letting anyone see the result. 

You must tell a true story from your life that is connected to the paper’s topic if the number is even. If the number is odd, you will invent a tale in its place. After hearing your story, everyone must choose whether it is true or false. They might sip a beverage if they are mistaken. However, if they are correct, you will be the one who drinks.

Fun Camping Games for Couples

Camping games for adults aside, there are also different and fun games you can play with your significant other too. Two-player games can be a terrific way to pass the time at your campground if you’re trying to spend quality time with your spouse while camping. And a fantastic example of this is You Laugh, You Lose. You and your companion will have a great time playing this game since it will make you giggle nonstop. 

Camping Games for Adults

You get a minute to try to make your spouse laugh when it’s your time. You score if they laugh before the minute is up; however, they score if they maintain a serious expression the entire time. However, this is one of those games where having the most fun takes precedence over winning. Sharing laughs and demonstrating that you understand what makes the other person laugh are great ways to strengthen relationships!

And this brings us to another game that allows you to discover amusing anecdotes from your partner’s past; Drunk or Kid. In this game, everyone will share absurd tales about what has happened to them in the past. The other spouse has to determine whether they were intoxicated or a minor at the time these events took place. 

Please don’t provide any hints that reveal the time it would have been at (for instance, places or people that would have only been relevant later in life). Playing this game can be difficult if you and your friends are familiar with a lot of each other’s absurd stories. It might therefore be a preferable game for younger couples to play.

Games for Camping at Night

On top of the variety of games on our list that you can play at night, there is one other camping game that will get everyone in action; flashlight tag! Headlamps can be used for this, but flashlights are a little simpler. While everyone else flees to safety, one individual becomes the seeker. The seeker then tags the hiders with their spotlight. 

It may sound like hide and seek, but it’s not. There is an additional element. Everyone who is hiding is free to move whenever they please! You can change things up by limiting the playing space or creating teams. In line with this, you can also consider getting a glowing frisbee. For nights spent around the campsite, glow-in-the-dark frisbees are wonderful. 

Glow sticks are the only additional item you and your pals require. You’ll be able to see your fellow campers with the help of these in the dark. Avoid tripping and falling, and pay extra attention to the flames. The ideal location to play this game is close to your site, ideally in a meadow or parking lot. Use the red light on your headlight to improve your visibility in more challenging terrain.


Now that we know lots of fun camping games for adults to play on camping trips, it’s time for the adults to let loose. And you know, you’re guaranteed to enjoy these adult camping activities whether you want to gather around the campfire, down a few beers, get up and move around, or do all three at once. With that being said, though, don’t forget to do some hiking to enjoy the scenery around you too!


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