Gregory Baltoro vs Osprey Aether

gregory baltoro vs osprey aether

Even though traveling by hitchhiking seems boring and tiring, the stops and people you meet can make this activity enjoyable. Of course, being tired on the road is harder than it looks outside. But new places to be discovered are worth all the trouble. 

We carry our belongings, such as turtles, partly home during this journey. That’s why we need a camping bag that won’t let us down on the journey and make things harder. Our friends who like to be on the road will review and compare the Gregory Baltoro and Osprey Aether camping bags.

Sometimes, we may get bored of suffocating city life. For this, we set out to evaluate our short or long holidays. Hitchhiking comes to the fore for different experiences and less costly travels. We can say that this is the indispensable transportation choice for adventure lovers who do not have a car or a vehicle to reach.

This nature journey can sometimes take 1-2 days and sometimes weeks. That’s why you need to have all your essentials with you. There are, of course, many ways to transport these items. 

If you want to carry it regularly and easily, you need a camping bag to fill excess liters of goods into its reservoir. This way, instead of being victimized, you can have all the necessary items.

Many backpacks are available for camping to trap these items. The most famous and indispensable products for those who enjoy traveling in this category are the Gregory Baltoro and Osprey Aether bags. 

Let’s get people who need a backpack and are undecided about which to buy here. This article will examine these products’ features, advantages, and performances. To end this confusion and reach the result, you should continue reading our article.

Gregory Baltoro Capacity and Dimensions

gregory baltoro

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One of the most important things for people who do not give up on camping and mountaineering or want this experience is a backpack that will not let them down and can keep all their belongings with them. 

One of the bags suitable for these options is Gregory Baltoro. It has large chambers. In addition, you can buy the size that is suitable and sufficient for you with the S / M / L options you want. With its practical design, you can put your belongings in a particular order.

For example, you can easily put your mat in the chamber at the bottom, or there is a separate chamber for items that should be at hand, that you may need frequently, and that you can reach immediately when necessary. 

With many separate pockets, Gregory Baltoro carries as much of your belongings as possible and does this in the necessary order. Therefore, you can easily reach the bag’s main compartment from the sides and front. In this way, in case of any urgent need, you can quickly and easily reach your belongings in your bag.

The waist and back measurements of size S of Gregory Baltoro backpack are 27 – 47 inches, size M is 28 – 48 inches, and size L is 30 – 50 inches. Also, the overall size of this backpack is 28 x 14 x 13.5 inches for size S, 30 x 14 x 13.5 inches for size M, and 32 x 14 x 13.5 inches for size L. There is a full body U-zip main open area at the front of the bag for easy unloading when you reach the end of your journey, that is, when you arrive at the camping area.

 Thus, you can remove your belongings easily and quickly. Featuring a zippered sleeping bag compartment, Gregory Baltoro also has a stretch mesh storage pocket. In addition, double front zippered organization pockets act as an organizer.

All the details were considered when designing Gregory Baltoro. For example, the top of the bag has four top pocket attachment points for solar energy recovery or accessory attachment. 

Moreover, this part is not only on the top of the bag but also on the bottom; it has double bottom attachment points. In short, Gregory Baltoro has been designed to be the most practical so that you can easily handle your work in nature.

Osprey Aether Capacity and Dimensions

osprey aether

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Most features of the Osprey Aether backpack are similar to the Gregory Baltoro. But, of course, there are also different pros and cons. The most significant disadvantage of the Osprey Aether backpack is that it is one size. 

The standard size can accommodate up to 65 liters. Osprey Aether’s waist size is 28-55 inches. The size of the bag itself is 32x15x11 inches. In other words, we can say that the Osprey Aether is almost the same size as Gregory Baltoron’s M-size bag.

One of the biggest pluses of the Osprey Aether over Gregory Baltoro is that it has more pockets. This bag, which has 9 pockets, will add convenience and practicality to finding your belongings. 

The Osprey Aether camping and mountain backpack feature a water bottle holder designed with a mesh net on the side. In addition, the Osprey Aether has two additional holders. It has an efficient and organized design.

In addition, the Osprey Aether waist belt section also has a pocket for items such as your phone that you need to keep at hand and easily reach. Also, the Osprey Aether backpack has a self-attached rain cover. This is an important detail for adventurers who like to be on the road. 

Because sometimes you may be faced with unexpected weather conditions. Your belongings are protected from the rain as Gregory Baltoro and Osprey Aether have waterproof fabric. However, for the exposed pockets, these companies cannot guarantee that water will not penetrate your belongings. However, while Osprey Aether designed the bag to prevent this undesirable situation, it will be an excellent convenience for the user.

Gregory Baltoro vs Osprey Aether Value for Money

Before purchasing a product, we check whether its features meet our needs. We look at the product’s price right after that and whether it is worth the price. The market price scale of camping and mountaineering bags is quite variable. This may vary depending on what kind of bag you want and its features. 

The price of the Gregory Baltoro backpack varies according to the sizes and models. Although the Osprey Aether backpack varies according to the model, these numbers are very close.

One of the advantages of the Gregory Baltoro backpack is that it has different color options. Because Gregory Baltoro has color options such as orange, black, blue, and green. Osprey Aether is a single color. Therefore, it is also the black option. In addition, these backpacks are unfortunately designed for men’s size. 

Of course, women can use it, but the waist belt part may not fit properly. We think Gregory Baltoro is more suitable for women who enjoy being on the road, camping, and nature adventures. Because there are size options, the smallest, S size, will be suitable for women to some extent.

Choosing between the Gregory Baltoro and Osprey Aether backpacks can be pretty tricky. However, since they are both very high quality and useful, we understand that they leave you undecided. 

Gregory Baltoro has more zippers and less weight which can be a plus. In addition, the Osprey Aether has straps on the front so that it can be used when the zipper is deactivated. This design also becomes a plus for the Osprey Aether. In general, the price of Osprey Aether is lower than that of Gregory Baltoro.

Users who care about weight may prefer the Gregory Baltoro backpack, which is 550 grams lighter. However, even if it is a slight difference, real campers and travelers know how significant this difference is.

Final Verdict

We can say that the camping bag is one of the essential materials that a camper needs to go on a camping trip. Because camping bags, thanks to their flexible structure and many useful features, can fit many materials you may need. Thanks to the buckles, pockets, and straps on the outside and bottom, mats, sleeping bags, water bottles, and urgent items (such as phones) can easily fit many extra materials. Thanks to the bag being adjustable to the back, you will have an easier journey.

People who want to camp or need a new backpack during their camping activity may be undecided between Gregory Baltoro and Osprey Aether. We discussed these backpacks, their pros and cons, and their features to resolve this indecision. 

In our opinion, Osprey Aether is preferable in terms of price and performance. However, this selection may vary depending on the features you are looking for. Also, as we mentioned in our top title, if you are a woman who likes to camp, Gregory Baltoro’s S-size backpack will be more suitable for your waist. So, which bag is more attractive to you?


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