Gill Pro Sailing Gloves Review

Gill Pro Sailing Gloves Review


When it comes to water sports, having the right gear can make all the difference in performance and comfort. The Gill Pro Sailing Gloves are designed to meet the demands of water sports enthusiasts, offering a winning combination of durability, flexibility, and protection. In this review, we’ll delve into the features, pros, and cons of these gloves, helping you make an informed decision before your next adventure on the water.

Pros Cons
Next-generation Proton-Ultra XD palm Limited color options
Dura-Grip fabric provides excellent Sizing may be tricky for some users
Grip without compromising flexibility Not suitable for extreme cold weather
Seamless Dura-Grip reinforcement for
Improved durability and abrasion

Gill Pro Sailing Gloves Review

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Who Is This Product For?

The Gill Pro Sailing Gloves are tailored for water sports enthusiasts who engage in activities such as sailing, dinghy sailing, paddle sports, and board sports like kayaking or windsurfing. These gloves are designed to provide the necessary grip, protection, and flexibility to enhance performance and ensure comfort during these activities. Whether you’re a professional or a recreational enthusiast, these gloves can be a valuable addition to your gear collection.

The Features of Gill Pro Sailing Gloves

Next-generation Proton-Ultra XD Palm and Fingers

The Gill Pro Sailing Gloves are equipped with a next-generation Proton-Ultra XD palm and fingers, setting them apart from traditional sailing gloves. This innovative material offers enhanced softness and flexibility, providing a remarkable level of comfort. Despite its supple feel, the Proton-Ultra XD material doesn’t compromise on durability or protection. It ensures your hands are well-guarded during intense activities while allowing for excellent dexterity and grip. With these gloves, you can confidently handle ropes, lines, and equipment without worrying about slippage or discomfort.

Dura-Grip Fabric for Superior Grip

One of the standout features of the Gill Pro Sailing Gloves is the incorporation of Dura-Grip fabric in the palm construction. This specialized fabric is designed to deliver outstanding levels of grip without sacrificing flexibility or durability. The Dura-Grip fabric ensures that you have a secure hold on ropes, paddle shafts, or any other equipment you may encounter during water sports activities. With this level of grip, you can maneuver confidently and maintain control in even the most demanding conditions.

Gill Pro Sailing Gloves Review

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Seamless Dura-Grip Reinforcement

The Gill Pro Sailing Gloves are engineered with seamless Dura-Grip reinforcement on the palm and fingers. This additional layer of protection serves to enhance the gloves’ durability and abrasion resistance. By reinforcing these high-stress areas, the gloves can withstand the rigors of water sports activities for an extended period. The seamless construction also eliminates uncomfortable seams, reducing the risk of chafing and enhancing overall comfort.

Way Stretch Fabric with UV Protection

The back of the Gill Pro Sailing Gloves features a 4-way stretch fabric that boasts UV 50+ protection and water repellency. This fabric not only shields your hands from harmful UV rays but also keeps them dry and comfortable. Whether you’re exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods or facing splashes and spray, the UV-protective and water-repellent properties of this fabric ensure your hands remain protected. Additionally, the 4-way stretch design allows for unrestricted movement and a snug fit, accommodating various hand shapes and sizes.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Gill Pro Sailing Gloves are a top-notch choice for water sports enthusiasts seeking reliable hand protection, durability, and flexibility. With their next-generation Proton-Ultra XD palm and fingers, Dura-Grip fabric, seamless reinforcement, and UV-protective 4-way stretch fabric, these gloves excel in delivering a superior grip, long-lasting performance, and a comfortable fit. While color options may be limited, and finding the right size could be a slight challenge for some users, the overall benefits of these gloves outweigh these minor drawbacks.

Gill Pro Sailing Gloves - Long Fingers with Exposed Finger and Thumb for Sailing, Paddle & Board Sports, Kayaking or Windsurfing
  • Size L - Glove Width 12cm - see size chart in images for full glove measurements.
  • Next generation Proton-Ultra XD palm and fingers means our Long Finger Pro Gloves are soft and flexible.
  • Also featuring Dura-Grip fabric on the palm and fingers they provide incredible levels of grip without any compromise in flexibility and durability
  • Benefitting from flex zones and a pre shaped construction to fit your hands the reduced cuff length and rear adjustment volume ensure maximum comfort and wrist flex. 
  • Their wraparound palm protection eliminates uncomfortable side seams making them a great choice for a multitude of water sports; whether that be sailing dinghy sailing paddle sports or board sports such as kayaking or windsurfing.

Top Amazon Customer Comments

Sailon – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Compared to the previous year’s model these gloves were more tight to wear.

Marcelo Navarro S Cabral – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: A lot more durable than the other glove from Gill that I have, but a little too rigid between the fingers when used the whole day

Mike – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: These seem like nice quality gloves but the are too small. I ordered the large size, based on their sizing description, and they were much too tight.

B. Petry – ⭐⭐

Review: I agree with Archie’s review. I have had the Deckhand gloves in the past and they were GREAT! I am an instructor for our Technical Rescue Group at my fire department and I put those Deckhand gloves through the ringer and they performed very well. They developed some holes just due to use and wear so I bought these thinking they would last a little longer. The fit was tighter than the Deckhand. I thought that maybe they needed to be “broken in”. But after a week of use they are still really stiff, tight, and uncomfortable. The grip is great, but the leather just feels like plastic and didn’t soften up. Overall Gill gloves are great, this glove just didn’t end up meeting my expectations. I’ll be buying another pair of Deckhand gloves.

Archie – ⭐

Review: I have the Gill Deckhand and was expecting this to be an upgrade. The stitchings are sharp and I ended up with a scratch on my hand just putting it on and off. It also runs small, so I’d recommend getting a size up. Pretty disappointed and will be returning.

ViperDriver – ⭐

Review: Poor quality, seams opens, popped threads, uncomfortable, stiff, smelly leather. 


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