Dos and Don’ts in Camping

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Have you decided to set off for a big old adventure with your family and friends? Camping is a great way to spend your free time. All you need to do is prepare yourself for what life throws. Planning your trips can make you have a wonderful time because you won’t have to worry about a thing once you start your journey. 

All left to do is just lay back and enjoy the trip with your loved ones. Especially with camping, learning the dos and don’ts in camping and acquiring basic camping knowledge can make your adventure unforgettable. So, we’ve prepared a guideline for you to follow these dos and don’ts in camping. Let’s take a journey together!

Dos and Don'ts in Camping

Camping Knowledge

Dos and Don'ts in Camping

Before we go ahead with our camping plan, there are some things we must take into consideration. Some important aspects of camping need to be addressed, and we will get into all that in this section. We will cover the dos in our list of dos and don’ts in camping.

As we have mentioned, planning is the essential component that brings everything together. It is the key to having non-stressful fun. What you should do is plan your trip! Firstly, you should find an appropriate campsite best suited for your needs. You may have decided to go somewhere with a more scenic look. 

So, start digging through the internet to find the best location. The second thing you should do is to check the regulations of that campsite so that you can be best prepared and if what you’ve found isn’t what you had in mind, you can keep looking for another campsite.

There may be some safety precautions in the campsite that needs to be followed. For example, there may be a restricted section to prevent any danger from coming to you. What we suggest is to follow those safety signs for everyone’s well-being. Another thing we must mention is the utmost importance of bringing essential items with you. 

Before you take a camping trip, make a list of what you might need and pack your stuff according to that list. For example, we can list some of the simple items we can list: tents, first aid kits, food, safety gear, compass, clothes, maps, flashlights, and folding chairs.

Another thing to add to the guideline of camping 101 is how you should set up your tents before sundown. It will probably be difficult to assemble your tents at night, so arrive early and bring them together to ensure you have a warm space at night. When packing, bring containers to preserve your food and keep an animal army away. 

Camping Tips and Tricks 

Before we embark on an adventure, it is always helpful to know a few tips and tricks that will make your trip easier and give you bragging rights when you show them to your friends. So here is a small guide of helpful and excellent tips for when you go camping.

Let’s start with a cool one. You can use this trick to get dim lights to catch the mood with your loved ones. A see-through gallon jug of water and a headlamp will be needed. Make sure the bottle is not entirely transparent and is cloudy looking. You should strap the headlight to the bottle facing inwards to achieve the ambiance. There you have it, a cool lantern!

Your matches can get wet, and this can cause problems. However, we have a solution for you: you can glue sandpaper inside your matchbox. This trick will work wonders. Another helpful small tip is covering your bags with garbage bags to keep the contents of your bag dry.

When we go camping, we want a lesser load on our shoulders. The next trick will provide a way for you to pack a lighter. We take out our pillows and add a pillowcase. When it’s time to sleep, fill the pillowcase with your clothes. 

Dos and Don'ts in Camping

As we’ve learned previously, water is essential. When we pack loose ice to preserve our food, we carry added weight for nothing since when the ice melts, it will not only soak your food but also you will have non-drinkable water that will go to waste. We offer that you put the water in bottles so that when they melt, your food won’t get wet, and you will have extra water you can drink. 

Mosquitoes can be a nightmare. To get rid of them, you should burn sage in the campfire, or you can burn the sage and let it smother. Then, it would be best if you let the smoke around the edges of your campsite. You can use Doritos or other corn chips if your campfire isn’t starting. They are highly flammable. Cool one, right?

You can crack eggs beforehand so you won’t have to worry about them being cracked on the way there. If your shoes get wet, you can stuff dry clothes inside them, and they will be dry in the morning. Also, you can heat water and put them in bottles to keep your feet warm. 

What Not to Do While Camping 

Dos and Don'ts in Camping

When we start our little adventure, there are some things we should remember not to do as they may have dangerous consequences for us and those around us, animals included, or they can have annoying consequences. So, let’s get into it!

We should always be careful not to litter, no matter where we are. Don’t leave your trash around whether or not you’re at a protected site. You can bring trash bags with you to prevent littering. In addition, don’t leave your campfire unattended. It may look simple; however, leaving your campfire unattended can have dire consequences, such as starting a forest fire. We encourage you to put out your fire when you are not there to control the situation.

Another thing you shouldn’t leave unattended is your food. Before leaving your campsite for planned activities, make sure you gather everything and put them in their predetermined places, including your food. We wouldn’t want animals to come sniffing around and creating dangerous situations for us.

It would be best if you also were careful about wearing cotton clothes. Once they get wet, it may be hard to dry them out. This can result in a cold. So, we suggest not wearing them for a camping trip. The weather-appropriate clothes and outdoor wear are all important aspects of camping. And don’t forget that the weather may change so have extra clothing with you.


Dos and Don'ts in Camping

Camping can be tremendous fun when you plan it. So, the chances of encountering a problem will be lower, and you can enjoy your trip. However, there are some dos and don’ts in camping that are in your best interest to follow. 

Some of them include good points about packing and getting everything ready to start your trip. For example, choose the campsite best suited for what you want from this trip, and make a list so that you won’t forget to bring essentials with you.

Some offer insight into what you shouldn’t do during your trip. For instance, leaving your food and campfire unattended since doing so can have dire consequences. How to make an ambient light, pack lighter, etc. It is in our small guide of tips and tricks. Let’s get this adventure started!


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