Arc’teryx Kyanite vs Patagonia R1

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In this product review, the features that should come to the fore in a track and active fleece jacket product were also emphasized, and the qualities of the two products, namely, Arc’teryx Kyanite and Patagonia R1, were evaluated, and a conclusion was reached in this context. In the products, the general lines of comfort, functionality, quality, service life, and design features were mentioned, and in this context, it was aimed to give the reader an idea.

Features Arc’teryx Kyanite Patagonia R1
Comfortable & Convenient Use
Durability & Quality of Building Material
4-Season Resistance & Warmth Ideal for 2 Seasons & Keeps Warm
Pockets, Hoods, & Thumb Loops No Hoods & Thumb Loops No Hoods

Comfortable & Convenient Use

The position of the product on the body and the comfort and usage advantage of this posture can be very important as one of the first considerations about clothing. Accordingly, the comfort of the product affects the user at many points, and it greatly plays a role in satisfaction with the product.

In this context, it will be evaluated by examining how qualified the two products in the review are for ease of use and convenience. Accordingly, the negative points of both products will be addressed by considering the features of the clothes that may disturb the user or make them feel uncomfortable.

Arc’teryx Kyanite

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First of all, the inner material of Arc’teryx Kyanite, made of wool, will be discussed in more detail below, and thanks to this material, it provides an extremely soft and comfortable use to its user. On the other hand, it has done a very successful job in sizing, and when it’s worn, it provides a very convenient use without causing any potholes or tightness. In addition, thanks to its light fabric materials, it can function without weighing on the body.

In summary, it can be said that Arc’teryx Kyanite is extremely successful in terms of comfort and convenient use, and in this context, it will not let its users down.

Patagonia R1

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On the other hand, when we talk about the comfort of Patagonia R1, it’s extremely comfortable and convenient to use with its flexible and also well-fitting texture and design. In the same way, it provides comfortable movement thanks to its flexible texture, while at the same time, it can meet all the comfort expected from a track and active jacket with its qualified design.

Thanks to its structure that fits the body perfectly during movement, Patagonia R1 can show its functionality in an extremely light way without weighing it down. Moreover, since it can be stored very easily in cases such as folding, it offers an advantage to the user by providing convenience and practicality, preferably in case of using spares during transportation.

Durability & Quality of Building Material

When it comes to choosing track and active jackets, the second most important point to be evaluated and the feature is the quality and longevity of the product. Since it will have harsh environmental conditions, the durability of the product worn on the body should come to the fore and satisfy the user in this direction. In this way, there will be no unfortunate experiences with the product during use.

At this point, while the building materials of both products are examined, it will be evaluated how durable they are against the harsh environmental conditions just mentioned in line with these building materials.

Arc’teryx Kyanite

In terms of construction material, Arc’teryx Kyanite is made of 84% polyester and 16% elastin, and the fact that it uses fleece inside makes the product extremely flexible and durable. By showing an extremely flexible structure against wearing out or pulling, it can extend its service life by providing an easy movement opportunity to appeal to different body proportions and not cause difficulties during use under difficult conditions.

Moreover, since Arc’teryx Kyanite has a breathable texture, it provides an extremely comfortable use both in hot weather and in case of sweating without putting the body into collapse. In this context, it also guarantees its useful life. Likewise, the stretchy and jersey knit textile with a soft and brushed texture used on its surface can also highlight its quality in terms of quality. On the other hand, its durability and suitability for machine washing are emphasized at this point.

Patagonia R1

Speaking for Patagonia R1, although the contents used in the building material of the product can bring its functionality to the fore as quite durable, tearing or dismantling occurs after a few uses; in this case, making the durability of the product questionable, taking into account the harsh environmental conditions. 

While the outer layer and brushed texture make you feel that it’s of very high quality, unfortunately, the materials can be experienced quite cheaply during use. It can do a successful job in terms of performance and provides comfortable wear, but ultimately, the product’s durability was observed to be less than what it should have been. At this point, if the brand reviews the developments, the doubts about the quality of the product will be eliminated.

4-Season Resistance & Warmth

Another feature to be considered, some features can be emphasized, like 4-season resistance and warmth for the track and active jackets. That is, the durability of the product against all four seasons makes the product more preferable by the user, while its lack of protection against environmental and natural factors such as water, wind, or sun rays may make the product stand out on the contrary. 

Likewise, since a jacket suitable for 4 seasons can satisfy the user, it should also be highly functional and qualified to keep warm. In this context, it will be evaluated by examining how qualified both products are at this point.

Arc’teryx Kyanite

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Considering Arc’teryx Kyanite in line with the aforementioned feature, it’s experienced that there’s no resistance for all four seasons, but on the other hand, it’s completely suitable for spring and summer. Supportively, when the feature of the product is detailed at this point, it shows functionality in harmony with string and summer seasonal conditions, especially in open area environmental conditions. 

For example, it exhibits a mild and shifting performance in hot weather conditions despite the fleece material inside. At another point, although the product isn’t waterproof, it also filters the sun’s rays, which can be interpreted in a good way.

As a result, it does not provide much protection or cannot show durability in the rainy and cold seasons, such as winter and autumn. On the other hand, it has a quality satisfying its user with the inner fleece material in windy weather.

Patagonia R1

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Additionally, when this situation is considered for Patagonia R1, it does not resist all kinds of weather conditions. Under seasonal conditions, it does not satisfy the user both under hot weather conditions and in wet seasonal environments since it does not have a waterproof, sun-proof, or sweat-proof fabric material. 

Considerably, when a much more breathable fabric technology is applied to the product, it will provide a much more comfortable and convenient use in cases such as sweating. On the other hand, Patagonia R1 is also quite successful in terms of keeping the body warm. Thanks to the inner surface material, it can keep the body warm to a certain extent, and in this context, it satisfies the user.

Pockets, Hoods, & Thumb Loops

After the subject of comfort, quality, and durability, one of the features that should be considered or sought in the selection process to be made over the purchase and use of a track and active jacket is what the physical features of the jacket have; it’s debatable how qualified it is, with pockets, hoods, or thumb loops.

Accordingly, the jacket produced may need to address certain design features. When evaluated at this point, the jacket can also touch on all the aforementioned issues. That is to say, while the comfort of a jacket with a hood or thumb loop is discussed, the quality of the pocket also discusses the convenient use of the product.

In this context, the characteristics of Arc’teryx Kyanite and Patagonia R1 will be examined and discussed at this point.

Arc’teryx Kyanite

In terms of the product features mentioned, Arc’teryx Kyanite is a jacket with two zippered pockets on the exterior and does not contain any other pockets, but it does not have hoods and thumb loops in its design.

In this context, although the deep pockets are a plus, it would be good to have a hood to be more durable and protected under the seasonal conditions mentioned above. Although it does not have a waterproof texture, it would be perfect for the brand to develop at this point, as having a hood can make it very functional as a track and active jacket. Likewise, with a feature such as a thumb loop, it’s possible to have a more durable and protected form against environmental factors.

Patagonia R1

While the Patagonia R1 has the same hood problem, this product is also very functional in terms of pockets. But unlike Arc’teryx Kyanite, Patagonia R1 has thumb loops which can be a convenient feature for climbing or long hikes.

There is no doubt that the brand will be more qualified with the improvements it will make in terms of designs at this point since the increase in durability can be observed in the same way in the case of the hood, which is considered.


Since there are certain features of being in the lightweight fleece jacket classification in the context of the category, the qualities that both products carry and offer will be examined at this point. Accordingly, the specified features will be evaluated.

Arc’teryx Kyanite

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Arc’teryx Kyanite is an extremely successful and superior performance product when examined under the lightweight issue. In addition to its minimalist design, the product is produced in a very light structure and shows its functionality without creating any weight on the body or the user.

Likewise, this product is extremely durable, highlighting its packability in this context. Being lightweight can reveal that the product is equipped with breathable fabric technology under this category, while it is highly qualified at this point in seasonal conditions.

Moreover, it is not only limited to these features but also reflects its lightweight nature through versatility and can perform on all kinds of track and active sports by satisfying its users.

Patagonia R1

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Under the same category, Patagonia R1 can meet lightweight functionality and performs well in this context. Notably, its stretchy texture, equivalent to the comfort it offers during use, also provides convenient and comfortable use to the user under any environmental condition. 

It comes to the forefront thanks to its lightness on the body without loading any weight; in this context, its quality will increase with its durability.

Arc’teryx Kyanite Pros & Cons


  1. More Than One Color
  2. Comfy & Warm
  3. Great for Spring & Summer Seasons
  4. Composed of Breathable Fabric Material


  1. No Hoods
  2. No Thumb Loops
  3. No Water-resistance
  4. Not Wearproof

Patagonia R1 Pros & Cons


  1. It Has Thumb Loops
  2. Stretchy
  3. Lightweight
  4. Comfortable to Wear


  1. Not Much Information Included
  2. Single Color Option
  3. No Hoods
  4. Insufficient Durability

Final Verdict 

As a final verdict, Arc’teryx Kyanite was chosen as the favorite product in this article, namely Arc’teryx Kyanite vs. Patagonia R1. In addition to the superior performance of the product in terms of comfort and functionality, the fact that it is also very successful in terms of quality brings it to the fore, on the other hand, Patagonia R1’s lack of quality, although it offers comfort and function, puts it in the background.

In this context, it is obvious that they will achieve very good sales with the developments that should be considered in the direction of the deficiencies stated in their two brands.


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