Body Glove Inflatable Paddle Board Review



Are you looking for an inflatable paddle board that’s durable, stable, and easy to travel with? Look no further than the Body Glove Alena Stand Up Paddle Board Package. This board is designed for adventure and built to last, with a triple-layer PVC construction and a triple true tracking fin design. It’s also easy to transport and store, thanks to its inflatable design and storage backpack.

Pros Cons
Durable construction No paddle blade cover
Easy to transport/store Pump hose can be difficult
Stable platform No rear bungee storage
Lightweight Can be challenging to turn

Body Glove Inflatable Paddle Board Review

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Who Is This Product For?

The Body Glove Alena Stand Up Paddle Board Package is perfect for individuals who want to enjoy the outdoors and water activities without worrying about bulky and heavy equipment. It is a great option for those who are looking for an inflatable paddle board that is easy to travel with and store. The included storage backpack allows for easy transportation and storage in small spaces, making it ideal for those who have limited storage options.

The Body Glove Alena isup is also a great choice for fitness enthusiasts who want to incorporate water activities into their workout routine. The board is perfect for stretching, yoga, and other fitness routines, thanks to its stability and ease of use. It is also ideal for individuals who want to practice their surfing skills or explore rivers and lakes, as it can be used for both flat-water paddling and surfing.

In addition, the board’s durability makes it a great choice for individuals who love to go on outdoor adventures. The puncture-resistant, high-grade PVC and ultra-durable fixed fins can withstand the rigors of adventure and provide peace of mind while exploring new waterways. The board can be used for camping trips, river rides, and other outdoor adventures, making it a versatile and reliable piece of equipment for any water activity.

The Features of Body Glove Inflatable Paddle Board

If you’re looking for a versatile and convenient paddle board that can handle any adventure, look no further than the Body Glove Inflatable Paddle Board. This inflatable SUP is packed with features that make it an ideal choice for beginners and experienced paddlers alike.

Convenient to Travel and to Store

One of the standout features of the Body Glove Alena iSUP is its convenience. It can be easily inflated and deflated, and rolled back up into its storage backpack, making it perfect for traveling and storing in small spaces. This means you can take it with you on trips, easily transport it in your car, or store it in a closet or under your bed when you’re not using it. It’s an ideal option for apartment dwellers or anyone with limited storage space.

Designed for Stability

But don’t let the convenience fool you – the Body Glove Alena iSUP is designed for stability and durability. The multi-layer stringer and side rail design provide top-of-the-line stability, making it a sturdy platform for paddlers of any level. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced paddler looking for a reliable board, the Body Glove Alena iSUP won’t disappoint.

Body Glove Inflatable Paddle Board Review

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Durable and Adventure Ready

And when it comes to durability, the Body Glove Alena iSUP is a top performer. Made from puncture-resistant, high-grade PVC, this board is adventure-ready and can handle whatever you throw at it. It features ultra-durable fixed fins and an aluminum paddle with a nylon blade, ensuring that it will last you for many adventures to come.


The lightweight design of the Body Glove Alena SUP is another key feature that sets it apart. Its inflatable design makes it easy to carry, transport, and store, while still offering the performance of a hardboard. This means you can take it out on the water in a variety of conditions, whether you’re looking for a relaxing paddle on a calm lake or you want to test your skills on some challenging waves.

Final Verdict

The Body Glove Alena Stand Up Paddle Board Package is an excellent investment for anyone seeking an inflatable SUP that’s built for adventure. Its lightweight, inflatable design makes it easy to transport, while its durable construction ensures it can handle rough water conditions. The board’s stability and efficient paddle design make it a great choice for paddlers of any level, from beginners to experienced riders. The included accessories, such as the paddle, pump, and storage backpack, add even more value to the package.

While there are some minor downsides, such as the lack of a paddle blade cover and limited bungee storage, they are relatively insignificant compared to the overall performance and quality of the board. Overall, the Body Glove Alena isup is a solid choice for anyone looking for a versatile and reliable paddle board that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Whether you’re exploring your favorite lake, surfing the ocean, or practicing yoga on the water, the Body Glove Alena Stand Up Paddle Board Package is sure to provide you with an unforgettable paddling experience.

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Top Amazon Customer Comments

Amazon Customer – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This is the fourth paddle board we’ve purchased. The first two were traditional and the third was an inflatable. This board exceeded expectations in a big way. The first thing we noticed was the pump which has two settings which made it incredibly easy to inflate the board, especially during the final stages. The second thing we noticed was the multi-fin arrangement which is built into the board itself. This makes things very easy compared to auxiliary fins and hardware that you have to install on the board each time you inflate. The third thing we LOVED is the water bottle holder in the center of the board. It’s a great feature to have and is hard to imagine going without!

Olena – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: We own another SUP by the Body Glove and I am glad we chose to go with this company when buying a second board. It’s easy to inflate and deflate and quite portable. It is of a lighter color which is good when you are standing on the board under the sun with your bare feet.

Katherine Scott – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I love this board. Not only is it good looking, but so sturdy! I was able to pack and take a cooler on the front with the use of the cargo strings and had a great mid lake picnic. It inflated in under 10 minutes and I’m also able to carry it with the rest of my beach gear with ease. My kids and I have loved this addition to our lake adventures!

Katherine Scott – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: We have only had a hard paddle board for years and I was always skeptical about how an inflatable one would handle in the water, but I’ve been converted and now I have two. This inflates quickly and easily, steers like a breeze and looks cool too. I love that I can just throw the bag in the back of the car and go…no worries about trying to tie it to the roof and also so much easier to store in the garage. This board is also a great value for a beginning paddle boarder but nice enough for an experienced one too!

Lani Trecida – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I can’t get enough of this boards. My second one in a month . Now everyone in the family wants to have it. Thank you Body Glove for the amazing product. So easy to operate in the water and even easier to assemble. Such a fun toy to have Enjoying every minute of it

Mary Hontz – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This board was surprisingly easy to set up. I timed myself and it took 6min to blow up! So stable in the water and holds myself and my 6 year old no problem. So much lighter than a hard board so transport is a breeze comparatively. Perfect addition for our family outdoor adventures! 


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