Best Osprey Hiking Backpacks

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1.   Osprey Aether Plus 70 Backpack

Osprey Aether Plus 70 Backpack

Technical Features

Item Dimensions (LxWxH) 31.1 x 14.96 x 14.17 inches
Item Weight 5.7 pounds
Volume 70 L
Material Bluesign®-approved 210D High-tenacity Nylon with PFC-free DWR

Osprey Aether Plus 70, at the top of the best backpacks list, offers great experiences for trekking lovers. Its versatile and comfortable structure deserves to be on the list of choices for many users’ trekking activities, especially for long travels. Besides, thanks to its durable structure, Osprey Aether Plus 70 provides long-term use and is breathable, waterproof, and durable as well; therefore, it does not easily get damaged.

Moreover, along with its high quality, it is also very easy and practical to use; for example, being a convertible to a smaller hiking backpack makes long and difficult journeys much easier for trekking lovers. Likewise, its removable top lid converts to a DayLid daypack as well.

Additionally, with its ergonomic design, Aether Plus 70 also provides very comfortable and painless use, despite its heavy load capacity and volume. Similarly, it has a stable and non-wobble structure, which is not sloppy while carrying the gears.

Combining its design with features such as easy-access dual front panel zippered pockets, dual upper/lower side compression straps, dual zippered hip belt pockets, and dual ice axe loops with bungee tie-offs, it has countless functions.

Emphasizing its richness, Osprey Aether Plus 70 is the best backpack for hiking.

Standout Features
Rain Cover Manufactured with PFC-free DWR and Bluesign®-approved Materials
Removable Top Lid Converting to DayLid Day Pack
Removable Sleeping Pad Straps
Crossbody ErgoPull Hip Belt
Pros Cons
Converting into a day pack, top lids When fully stored, dual-access bottle holders do not function well
High-load capacity Shoulder paddings may cause soreness on longer trips
Durable and stable Heavy and pricey

2.   Osprey Aether 65 Backpack

Osprey Aether 65 Backpack

Technical Features

Item Dimensions (LxWxH) 31.5 x 15.75 x 11.02 inches
Item Weight 4.92 pounds
Volume 65 L
Material Bluesign®-approved 420HD Nylon Pack Cloth with PFC-free DWR

Osprey Aether 65 has various features making it very convenient for users in the context of travel, especially being the best backpack for hiking. Providing a great advantage in preventing problems such as gears falling out of the bag, a common problem of hikers, this backpack remains firm and does not have sloppy movement. Likewise, it is very durable and, therefore, does not cause any difficulties to the user.

In addition, the Aether 65 model with a sturdy suspension makes it easy to carry heavy items on long journeys by ensuring that the space between the back and the bag gets enough air by supporting the back of the foam on the panels without causing serious health problems.

Similarly, the pressure is distributed to the hips with the injection-molded frame sheet generating a pleasant contact point with a lace lower lumbar pad. That is to say, when the hip belt is tightened, the additional lumbar padding protects the lower back by producing a close-to-the-body feeling.

Ultimately, the Aether 65 model, which is at the center of much positive feedback as well as having user-friendly features such as a cover against rain and water, front panel access and pocket, side mesh pockets, zippered hip belt pockets, ice axe holders, and sleeping bag compartments is also produced from high-quality building materials.

With all these distinguishing features and advantages, Aether 65 is on Osprey’s best backpack list for hiking enthusiasts.

Standout Features
Included Rain Cover
Adjustable & Zippered Hip Belt Pockets
Sleeping Bag Compartment
Hydration Reservoir Sleeve
Pros Cons
Durable Pricey
Supportive for the users’ posture and body Heavy 
Well-constructed Inconvenient water bottle pocket

3.   Osprey Aether Plus 60 Backpack

Osprey Aether Plus 60 Backpack

Technical Features

Item Dimensions (LxWxH) 30.71 x 14.57 x 12.99 inches
Item Weight 5.61 pounds
Volume 60 L
Material Bluesign®-approved 210D High-tenacity Nylon with PFC-free DWR

The Osprey Aether Plus 60 model, which is fully comfortable and has various features, makes the long journeys of hiking activity very high-quality and practical for its users; and is the best backpack for hiking. Aether Plus 60, a custom fit-on-the-fly hip belt and adjustable torso length accompanying the shoulder straps, provides a very fit transport and reveals its features by saving the user from the painful process during the journey.

An airy, close-to-the-body fit is produced by an injection-molded, die-cut foam AirScape back panel of this backpack to provide support for the body and the posture. Moreover, thanks to its 58 L volume, it provides stable and close-to-body carry, making it easy to carry heavy loads even on difficult paths.

It is a bag with an internal hydration reservoir sleeve that does not give the user any difficulty, together with a rain cover made of PFC-free DWR. In addition, the dual front panel zippered pockets provide easy-access storage and please its users. Thanks to its detachable sleeping pad straps, it also proves to have an advantage besides storage.

As well as having these features in terms of use, Osprey Aether Plus 60 model is also on the Osprey brand’s best backpack list with its design supported with such specifications as trekking pole attachment, front shove-it pocket, large dual-access stretch mesh side water bottle pockets, and dual upper-lower side compression straps.

Standout Features
Removable Top Lid
Dual Zippered Hip Belt & Stretch Mesh Side Pockets
Rain Cover Included
Internal Hydration Reservoir Sleeve
Pros Cons
Has great pockets  Reservoir not included
Solid and comfy ergonomic design Heavy
Has zippered sleeping bag compartment with removable divider Not the best for super heavy loads

4.   Osprey Talon 33 Backpack

Osprey Talon 33 Backpack

Technical Features

Item Dimensions (LxWxH) S/M = 16-20 inches (Torso) – 26-45 inches (Waist)
M/ L = 19-23 inches (Torso) – 28-50 inches (Waist)
Item Weight S/M = 2 lbs. 6.5 oz.
M/ L = 2 lbs.  10 oz.
Volume S/M = 31 L
M/ L = 33 L
Material Main = 100D x 210D HT Nylon
Bottom = 420HD Nylon Packcloth

Thanks to its back panel suspension, Osprey Talon 33 provides very comfortable and posture-supported use; it is the best backpack for shorter travels and hiking. Thanks to the suspension system, namely AirScape, it provides flexibility, support, and comfort to the users’ back, as well as prevents serious health problems.

These back-support suspensions also avoid shoulder and neck aches and hurt by being supported by thick, high-quality shoulder straps. As it brings an end to painful experiences during the journey, this strap also stands out with its adjustable feature.

Another distinguishing characteristic of the Osprey Talon 33 model is its weight, which plays a decisive role in the selection of a hiking backpack. This backpack, being very light thanks to its weight of only 2 pounds, can be very useful during long trips. Additionally, the Talon 33 model guarantees ease and practicality in terms of use, thanks to its adjustable feature specific to the user’s body size.

Eventually, the Osprey Talon 33 backpack, which shines with features that will make hiking very high-quality, takes its place in the best backpack list with all these features.

Standout Features
EVA Foam Padding Covered Injection Moulded Airspace HDPE Back Panel
Bike Helmet Attachment
Trekking Pole Attachment
Stretch Mesh Side Pockets
Pros Cons
Outstanding & quality hip belt Does not include a rain cover
Adjustable torso length Has only top access
Easily storing extra water thanks to the external hydration sleeve Not easy to reach the side pockets

5.   Osprey Talon 22 Backpack

Osprey Talon 22 Backpack

Technical Features

Item Dimensions (LxWxH) 9.84 x 22.05 x 9.06 inches
Item Weight 2 pounds
Volume 22 L
Material High-quality Bluesign®-approved Recycled High-tenacity Nylon with PFC-free DWR Coating

Talon 22, which has a much smaller size and volume compared to the Osprey Talon 33 model, provides a very comfortable and practical use despite its size. Moreover, it has many functions and features for hiking.

Speaking of comfort, thanks to its back panel fixed with AirScape design and covered with a mesh, ridge-molded foam, this backpack prevents back pain and curves, as well as allowing the space between the back and the bag to breathe comfortably, preventing serious health problems.

In addition, this highly sustainable product is also versatile. With helmet attachment, large stash pocket, top zipped pocket, and many more features, Osprey Talon 22 is a very multi-functional product being the best backpack.

Standout Features
Dual-zippered Access to Main Compartment
Adjustable Shoulder Harness
LidLock Helmet Attachment
Injection Moulded Die-cut Foam AirSpace Back Rest
Pros Cons
Fully adjustable and well ventilated Small side mesh pockets
Perfect for short hiking trips Not suitable for longer hiking trips
Separate hydration compartment So small for storing all the gears

6.   Osprey Ariel 65 Backpack

Osprey Ariel 65 Backpack

Technical Features

Item Dimensions (LxWxH) 31.5 x 15.75 x 11.02 inches
Item Weight 4.89 pounds
Volume 65 L
Material 42D Nylon Rack Cloth

Osprey Ariel 65 is one of the best backpacks for hiking, with many outstanding functions and features that provide ease of use. It is a very bright product as it easily fits loads such as sleeping bags, hydration, food, trekking gear, clothing, mountain equipment, and many more into the main compartment and provides these loads without causing back and neck pain to the user.

Thanks to the multiple zippered pockets in its exterior design and easy access to these pockets, it is a product you can trust without any problems in harsh weather conditions, with the waterproof cover used on the front and being of high quality.

In addition, thanks to the antigravity back support systems similar to the Aura AG 65 and 60, the lightweight mesh structure of the suspended panels provides an ergonomic use by supporting the body and back from top to bottom. Along with these, Osprey Ariel 65 is also a suitable option for short-term hiking activities, thanks to its top lid that can be transformed into a DayLid day pack.

Standout Features
Top-loader Cinch & Front Panel Zip Access to Main Compartment with Removable Divider
Integrated Rain Cover Made with PFC-free DWR
Adjustable Torso Harness & Hip Belt
Solid & Breathable Back Frame
Pros Cons
Durable Heavy
Supportive and ergonomic structure for the body Attached hip belt
Plenty of adjustments to supply the perfect fit Inconvenient side mesh water bottle pockets

7.   Osprey Aura AG 65 Pack

Osprey Aura AG 65 Pack

Technical Features

Item Dimensions (LxWxH) 33 x 15 x 16 inches
Item Weight 4.26 pounds
Volume 65 L
Material 210d Nylon Honey Comb Contrast Recycled

The Osprey brand’s Aura AG 65 model hiking backpack deserves its place in the list of the best backpacks with its antigravity back system that offers ergonomic use as well as comfort and various features. Antigravity back panel, so a sheet of tensioned mesh connecting the hip belt and back brings the Aura AG 65 substantially close-to-body than other backpacks and prevents the back from buckling under the load by leaving a little gap between the body and the pack.

Although this bag, whose small size corresponds to 4 pounds and 5.4 ounces, has a much heavier structure than some models on the list; yet, it has a structure that you can easily carry many of your gears thanks to its average 65 L capacity and volume. Moreover, thanks to the antigravity mentioned above, it provides a comfortable and ergonomic use without pressuring the weight of its load on the user’s back and shoulders.

In addition to all these, it is an advantageous product thanks to its detachable rain cover and internal hydration sleeves; and the Osprey Aura AG 60 model is easy to organize and quite durable. In this way, you will be able to carry your heavy loads without wobble during your difficult journeys and enjoy the convenience of offering you in this context.

Standout Features
Antigravity 3D Suspended Mesh Back System with Cam-lock Adjustment
Fit-on-the-Fly Adjustable Hip Belt
Detachable Rain Cover Included
Internal Hydration Sleeve
Pros Cons
Outstanding back ventilation Straps may be irritating
Comfortable and ergonomic design Problematic adjustment
Carries all gears inside No zippered access to the main compartment

8.   Osprey Aura AG 50 Backpack

Osprey Aura AG 50 Backpack

Technical Features

Item Dimensions (LxWxH) 32 x 14 x 14 inches
Item Weight 4.02 pounds
Volume 50 L
Material 10D x 630D Nylon Dobby/210D High-tenacity Nylon/420HD Nylon

The Osprey Aura AG 50 model, with its two large zippered pockets on the top, provides access to the rain cover and offers a very practical use for storing small gear inside the smaller compartments.

Moreover, just like the Aura AG 60 model, the antigravity back system in this backpack allows the user to carry the gears comfortably during hiking. In addition, thanks to its adjustable, fully ventilated, and deformable hip belt, it provides an ergonomic use with its close-to-body feature. Additionally, the padded design on the shoulder straps prevents shoulder and neck pain and paves the way for a painless hiking experience.

This backpack, which is convenient, practical, and easy to use, provides easy access by providing organization in the storage of gears thanks to the internal dividers in its inner compartments. In addition, it receives positive feedback with its design supported by the removable top lid, stretch mesh front pocket, trekking pole holder, and integrated hydration sleeves.

In the Osprey Aura AG 50 best backpacks list, it provides plus features to its users with all these features, as well as being affordable.

Standout Features
Antigravity back system
Has Heaps of Pockets
Removable Lid & Divider for the Bottom Compartment
Twin Loops for Ice Axes & Trekking Poles
Pros Cons
Unique suspension and ventilation system No side entry to the main compartment
Adjustable harness, sternum strap, and hip belt Maybe too large for commuting
Water-resistant with an integrated and detachable rain cover Inability to remove the internal floor divider completely

9.   Osprey Tempest 30 Backpack

Osprey Tempest 30 Backpack

Technical Features

Item Dimensions (LxWxH) 24 x 11 x 9.83 inches
Item Weight 2 pounds
Volume 30 L
Material 70D x 100D Nylon Mini Shadow Brick

We mentioned mostly and generally Osprey’s best backpacks for long-term hiking in this best backpack list. However, it should be noted that the 30 L volume backpack of the Tempest model, which is the best backpack for short trips, is a quality product with many functions and features.

Being made of resistant, durable, and waterproof material, this bag, which is quite sturdy and long-lasting, offers its user many features such as comfort, easy access, and mobility. Thanks to its light structure and ease of carrying, it will not cause any problems on difficult and harsh paths, as well as provides an ergonomic use with the suspension system supported by AirScape. Likewise, Osprey Tempest 30 is a very practical and versatile backpack with trekking poles, an ice axe, a helmet, and light attachments.

Standout Features
Internal Top Load Compression Strap
LED Light Attachment Point
AirScape Back Panel
External Hydration Access
Pros Cons
Comforting light foam harness Small size and not suitable for super long hiking trips
Light and easy to carry No zippers on both sides
Can carry snowshoes No rain cover

10.   Osprey Tempest 20 Backpack

Osprey Tempest 20 Backpack

Technical Features

Item Dimensions (LxWxH) 17x 11 x 11 inches
Item Weight 1.7 pounds
Volume 20 L
Material 70D x 100D Nylon Mini Shadow Brick

Osprey Tempest 20, another model of the Tempest series, is one of the lightest and smallest bags in the list of the best backpacks for hiking. However, no matter how small its size and volume, it can withstand difficult paths and harsh weather conditions, especially in short-term hiking activities, by providing many advantages to its users as being the best backpack for shorter trekking.

Namely, this product, which is quite stable and comfortable with its physical features offering lightness, Tempest 30 makes travel easier with its wide zipper, zippered pocket on the lumbar belt, elastic compression straps on the side, internal ring for keys, sternum strap with emergency whistle, hooks for helmet or LED light, and many more functions. It provides painless and supported body function by providing dynamic movement thanks to BioStretch-supported flexible shoulder straps and hip belts.

Standout Features
ErgoPull Hip Belt Closure with Hip Belts Connected to Back Panel Mesh
AirScape Suspension System
Fast & Light
Sternum Strap with Emergency Whistle
Pros Cons
Super light and easy to carry Too small to take within longer hiking activities
Comfortable contact surfaces Not stuffing too tight
Waterproof Maybe too small for some body proportions


Eventually, we’ve selected the top Osprey backpacks for hiking to demonstrate to the users by taking into account attributes that should be addressed, particularly in an activity like hiking, including convenience, efficiency, utility, sturdiness, and solidity.

The 10 greatest backpacks containing the models of Aether, Talon, Aura AG, and Tempest in terms of quality, practicality, functionality, and durability have been selected from a list of backpack alternatives for hiking that we have put up.


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