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The Osprey brand produces sturdy and high-quality bags for use on the long road, carefully designed in detail on the needs. The bags of this product provide comfortable use and practicality to its users, especially adventurous customers, with high-quality and sturdy zippers, a special fabric that does not tear easily, and compartments on the right and left sides of the bag that you can reach without removing the bag. 

One feature that makes these bags the most useful and practical is that it evenly distributes and balances the weight on your waist and back by taking the weight from your back with the lumbar support. 

Especially with the Exos series, Osprey, which targets its customers who are mountaineering and camping, is highly preferred by a specific customer base with its convenient and high-quality designs.

The Exos series is a series that is produced lighter compared to the other bags of this series. However, the fact that this series is lightweight does not mean that it is not robust, but if it is robustness that you are looking for, there are more durable models available. 

Care has been taken to ensure that each model is durable, but we can say that the heavy series is more robust than the light models. So if you are not going to carry weighty items with the bags in this series, if a light bag is suitable for you, you can choose the Osprey Exos 48 and 58 with peace of mind. 

These bags promise a comfortable trip with their convenient design and quality materials. So which model is more suitable for you? Let’s compare the two models in this series and examine which one can fully meet your needs.

Who Is This Product Suitable For?

The Osprey Exos series is suitable for everyone who wants to go anywhere by carrying their belongings on their backs, loves to explore new places, travels frequently, is adventurous, and loves camping and mountaineering. These bags organize your belongings very well with their various and numerous compartments, providing you with comfort. It can take more stuff than he looks. 

Thanks to its fabric, it can take shape according to your belongings and holds your belongings securely thanks to the protection bands. For this reason, it is the ideal bag for people who change location frequently to travel freely by carrying their belongings on their backs, and these people mostly prefer them. 

When you travel anywhere individually or with your children, you should choose according to the weight of the items you will carry in these bag choices that will also work for you. A separate compartment for putting a laptop, which is now indispensable for our business world and social life, a box-shaped compartment for putting objects that will break, such as sunglasses, and a design that promises a separate design to easily find the item we are looking for, maybe more suitable for you.

So, let’s come to our topic when you decide on the Exos model following your needs. Should we prefer the 48 or the 58? By recognizing both models, you can make your decision more easily. Let’s get started.

Osprey Exos 48

The Osprey Exos 48 is a backpack designed for a comfortable and spacious walk, which we can consider a lightweight bag. There are 7 mm compression straps on the sides, and 100% nylon was used in the construction. Thus, it is waterproof and resistant to possible weather events such as rain and snow. It is 79 cm high and 40 cm wide. It has a volume of 45 liters. 

Thanks to the advanced ventilation system and the AirSpeed mesh back surface, it prevents the sweating of the part in contact with your back and prevents them from smelling because the items you put in the bag are ventilated. At the same time, thanks to this soft mesh technology, your back does not hurt even if your bag is heavy and provides comfort. 

This bag has a shoulder and hip belt. These ensure that the weight is distributed evenly and evenly over the back and lumbar region. Thanks to these belts, your belongings will be more stable, and you will be more balanced. 

Since clamshell bags are useless, a “FlapJacket” was used instead of a lid in this model. Thus, both precautions have been taken to prevent the items from falling out of your bag, and it has been made much more useful.

Osprey Exos 58

The Exos 58 from the Osprey brand Exos series is another of the other lightweight bag in this series. Thanks to its lightness, it does not force you into your fast and agile movements and allows you to do so. As with the Exos 48, it has FlapJacket technology, and a back surface is available from the net. In the same way, this mesh surface has a sweating and deodorizing effect. 

Thanks to the adjustable AirSpeed, you can put the bag in the most suitable position on your back. In addition, this model has a different pocket that you can open by pushing it from the front. 

This pocket is designed for you to put your belongings that you need to reach easily. It has a volume of 58 liters and is made of high-strength nylon, and the ripstop recycled fabric was used. It has a double hip and waist belt. 

There is a pillow system on the hip belt, so even if your bag is heavy, you will not hurt because there are pillows under the straps that you fasten, and you will feel less weight than it is. This bag, also available in different color options, promises a comfortable journey. 

In addition, this bag model has removable sleeping pad straps and side compression cords. This backpack has all the features that a lightweight category bag can have and aims to get maximum efficiency from its users.

Osprey Exos 48 vs 58

Both models do not have a sleeping compartment, consisting of a large main compartment and pockets around it. Instead, both allow access to items from the upper part. However, there is no entrance to the main part from other pockets. In other words, in both bag models, you need to put the item you will use the most on top. 

If you intend to reduce the weight in both, you can reduce the weight potential by removing the cover part. Padded back and waist-supported belts are also available in two-bag models. These are very important for carrying these bags and balancing and supporting the load you take on your back with your waist. 

The fact that these belts are padded also prevents irritation in the part that will contact your skin. The load capacities are almost the same, but if you want to carry more oversized items, it will make more sense to choose the 58. Besides, their volumes differ, albeit by a small amount. The volume of 58 is more than 48. 

There is also an extra thought-out pocket outside the 58. Those who aim to fit more items in this bag prefer 58. If we need to collect all of them, the choice will depend on your experience and how much more items you want to carry because both bags are manufactured and designed for the same purpose.

Final Verdict

We talked about the Osprey brand, the features and uses of the Exos series, the general characteristics of the two hiking bags named Osprey Exos 48 and Osprey Exos 58, their volume, size, and length, and who they are preferred by. 

In general, when we look at it, we can say that many features of both bags are almost the same. As a result, these bags are a favorite of adventurers and frequent travelers with only color and volume differences. 

These bags, which can take much more items than they seem, promise you a comfortable and practical trip with their mesh back surfaces and safety straps designed to be more stable and stable to carry. 

Thanks to its pocket compartments, it allows you to organize your belongings, and its ventilated technology keeps you from sweating and allows your belongings to get air. Thanks to this practical product, which will be a companion for you on your journeys, you can be sure that your travels will become much easier. 

The important thing is to choose the ideal bag for you, considering your wishes and needs. In short, both bags of this series are designed well enough to meet everything you expect from a hiking bag. If you also travel often or need a bag of this style, good luck choosing the most suitable bag for yourself!


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