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Are you passionate about camping in the mountains and forests with an adventurous spirit and living in touch with nature without listening to any weather conditions? Then ALPS Aries 3 is just for you!

First of all, being in a natural life can bring many problems. While it is necessary to be careful while camping, from wildlife to cold weather conditions, providing shelter as one of the most important living conditions can be difficult.

Accordingly, to cope with these conditions and to make your camping life easier, you should pay attention to the fact that your tent is well-chosen and has quality features, as the first thing that comes to mind when camping is mentioned.

In general, there is no doubt that many campers will prefer a practical tent made of weather-resistant, high-capacity, and durable materials. In addition to such basic features, in light of this review, I will share my experiences with you on ALPS Aries 3, as well as evaluate the negative aspects of the product.

Brand ALPS Mountaineering
Special Feature Lightweight
Occupancy 3 Person
Material Polyester, Aluminium
Recommended Uses for Product Backpacking, Camping, & Hiking
Seasons 3 Season
Color Copper/Rust
Sport Type Backpacking & Mountaineering
Installation Type Quick Set-up, Freestanding
Product Care Instructions Hand Wash
Pole Material Type Aluminum
Number of Doors 2
Item Dimensions (LxWxH) 20 x 7.17 x 5.04 Inches
Item Weight 7.2 pounds
Pros Cons
Vertical Walls Problematic & Non-durable Zipper
Free-Standing Pole System Insufficient Instructions
Dual Doors & Vestibules Some Parts Might Leak
Weather Protection Insufficient Interior Pockets

Why and Who Choose This Product?

This product, which will be the favorite of many adventure and nature-loving campers, mountaineers, or climbers, is not only a privileged product with its many pluses and advantageous aesthetics and functions but also satisfies its users.

In this direction, as one of the most important features sought in a tent, it will not cause difficulties for you, campers in many areas, thanks to its lightweight and ease of assemble you will not regret buying it. Besides, while the wide functionality it appeals to, thanks to its multi-use area, offer you convenience and authenticity in many issues, you will also close the door to your problems in housing.

No matter who you are, a camper or a naturalist, this product is a functional and advantageous product that can also serve young people not only at the top of the mountain or in the depths of the forest but also at a pajama party in your backyard.

This product, which is not limited to all these beauties, is also very affordable and offers great value for its cost. All these factors I have mentioned make this product an affordable quality and criterion, making it a favorite of many campers and nature friends.

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Features of ALPS Mountaineering Aries 3

Easy to Assemble & Use 

Being lightweight and having an easy-to-install system, this product seems to be a solid competitor to many other tents on the market, as one of the most basic features sought in a tent. Accordingly, the two main poles are made of 7000 series aluminum and give a rock-strong construction. This construction, in conjunction with the upper bridge pole, increases internal space and provides ample headroom.

In this way, you will be able to provide yourself with a shelter of the best grade thanks to this tent, which provides a very easy set-up and prevents the camping times from causing loss of time by passing in agony.

As for usage, this product is very authentic and practical and is equipped with 8 zippers, a mesh storage pocket, a gear loft, aluminum stakes, and guy rope. In this way, this tent, which provides comfort in many subjects, also offers a large area with its vertical walls, so it offers you a spacious and wide interior design in terms of capacity.

Having two doors provides a practical use for multi-campers, on the other hand, thanks to its lightweight; therefore, it offers another advantage by preventing you from having difficulties while carrying it.

Versatility & Quality of Functions 

ALPS Aries 3, which provides a wide range of usage areas by being with you in many outdoor activities from camping or mountaineering to climbing while keeping this target audience wide and flexible, can serve not only athletes or campers but also young people.

Imagine that your child has a pajama party, and you want to turn it into a tent party in the backyard to make it the most fun and enjoy the summer nights. Thanks to this product, you can meet your shelter needs in many areas, which is an excellent and helpful product even for such a simple and ordinary situation.

For example, going on holiday for large families can be quite challenging in terms of accommodation. In this context, considering its large capacity for 3 people, a great option like ALPS can save the situation. Being water resistant and able to serve in all weather conditions, it can also considerably exceed this usage area limit.

Durability & Sturdy Construction 

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Speaking of durability, Aries 3 protects you from harsh external conditions by adapting to many weather and seasonal conditions thanks to its polyester outer coating that is highly resistant to water and UV rays.

At the same time, thanks to its mesh wall design, it prevents extremely hot summer days from causing you pain and saves your camping days. With its 8-zippered system, this tent prevents many external negative factors such as insects, flies, dust, or mud from penetrating inside.

However, when it comes to zippers, some zippers can be quite problematic, and the fact that they are in a structure that deteriorates quickly gives the product a negative score. In addition, due to the water passing through the pipes, many users have had problems with water leaks in some cases.

Affordable & Value for Money 

In addition to being in the market at a very affordable cost, you can earn a profit by buying this product at a very affordable price within certain campaigns and discounts.

At the same time, this product, which provides superior performance by fulfilling all the above-mentioned features in the best way, is very valuable for money and does not make you regret purchasing it in this context.

Final Verdict

As a final verdict, when the product is examined in general terms, it meets all the main and basic features sought in a tent. Thanks to the advantages in line with these features, it can increase sales and satisfy many nature lovers.

In light of these, of course, some negative aspects need to be developed and corrected, but it also has a privilege that can come to the forefront with every step it will take to improve these aspects.

In line with the evaluations, ALPS Aries 3 can not only be used by campers and naturalists but also in daily life, it has also served itself to shine by expanding this use too many areas. Thanks to its many aesthetic and advantageous features and characteristics, it beautifies the camping time and provides value for money.

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Top Amazon Customer Comments

J. Doyle – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Last year my husband decided he liked backpacking with me, but he wanted a slightly larger tent than the 2-man I had purchased for us. Since we split gear between our two packs, splurging on the extra weight of a larger tent isn’t a big issue for us. Of course, there are some ultra-light weight big named tents on the market, but I just wasn’t interested in shelling out $400-$500 to quibble over ounces. I’m pretty sure my husband doesn’t plan on thru hiking the A.T. – so we don’t need to shave weight that desperately!

J. Doyle – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: The tent survived RAGBRAI (week long bike ride across Iowa) and kept us nice and dry in very light rain. A few weeks later, we took the tent on the Pedaler’s Jamboree and got hit with very heavy rainfall overnight and all morning.. Thunder and lightning.. The kind of rain you seek shelter for (and we did once daylight broke). We came back after 3-4 hours and there wasn’t a drop of water in our tent. The tent vestibules were out, I used the ALPS footprint this time, and it wasn’t guyed out (spelling?). No water. After 2 solid weeks of use, this tent showed no signs of wear. It packs up easily and keeps you cool on a hot night since the fly comes off. I really like this tent and the price makes it an easy win.

AllTheTech – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: First, I must say that I have only taken the tent on one camping trip at this writing. So, I cannot say anything definitive regarding the long term durability of the tent. It is, however, well made of quality materials and I expect it to last me many years.


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