How to Clean Camping Chairs

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An outdoor enthusiast can’t imagine camping without camping chairs. It keeps you off the cold, hard ground while you sit and relax. Nobody likes the appearance of stains on camping chairs, so it appears that everything in nature is hell-bent on leaving its imprint. But you don’t need to throw them away just yet; there are methods for removing almost any stain, including canned food, from your camping chairs.

Keep your camping chair clean and maintain it so that it lasts for years. To ensure that camping chairs are taken care of properly, we will discuss how to clean various types, as well as how to maintain them for optimum use. 

How to Clean Camping Chairs

How to Clean Camping Chairs

Maintaining and cleaning your camping chair depends on what type of camping chair you have. As each material differs from one chair to another, there is no specific way or instruction to clean your camping chair. However, you should know the type of your chair beforehand. In this article, we will give you different cleaning methods that will make your camping chair look amazingly clean.

If you are questioning how to clean camping chairs, it may be possible to wash the canvas completely, depending on what kind of chair you have. Place the material back on the frame after washing it and treating it with an outdoor fabric protector. If you have a zero-gravity chair, the material’s durability makes it simple to clean without causing any harm to the fabric. However, you might not be able to thoroughly clean the chair because the material cannot be completely removed from it. 

When it comes to the cleaning methods, you can use the ones below:

Alcohol Spray Method 

Alcohol should be sprayed onto the seat to remove mildew from the fabric. Then, after leaving in the sun for several hours or overnight, wash as necessary. Make sure to test in a discrete location first; if the desired effects are obtained without causing any harm, you might want to use them throughout your chair.

Steam Cleaning

Any type of clothing, including soiled hiking gear like chairs, can be cleaned with a garment cleaner. Your camp chair will once again look brand new after this cleaning type. Just add water that is at room temperature to the chamber. You can clean chairs with fixed covers using this technique. The steamer offers a quick way to complete difficult tasks while eradicating bacteria and dirt from the fabric.


For a natural way to get rid of mold and mildew, use vinegar. Simply combine it with water in a spray bottle, spritz it onto the problematic areas of your chair, and wait about 10 minutes before wiping it down completely to ensure that all residue is removed.

Choose sunny and warm weather to clean the chairs because you need to keep them under the sunlight after they have been washed. The chairs may mildew if it is raining or overcast because they won’t dry completely.

How to Make Folding Chairs Look Nice

In places where seating is either impractical or impossible, folding chairs are typically used as seating. Funerals, college commencements, religious services, outdoor and indoor athletic events, and competitions fall under this category. Folding chairs are also used as camping chairs, and they have coolers similar to those you may have seen at sporting events and tailgating. Some of them are made from lightweight mesh to add ventilation, but most are canvas or polyester. 

However, there are many ways to look folding chairs nice:

  1. A tulle is an option to make your folding chair look nice. Besides, it is an easy and cheaper option.
  2. A burlap is another option to provide your folding chair with a rural look.
  3. You can also use chair covers as it is also an easy way to give an elegant look to your folding chairs.
  4. Signs are another type of decorative that will give your chair a nice look.
  5. Another material you may consider while decorating your chair is flowers which make it look sweeter.
  6. You can use sashes to provide extra colors to your folding chairs. 

As you notice, there are many ways to give your chair a fancy appearance to use these simple chairs for multiple purposes.

How to Store Camping Chairs in Garage

Whether you’re an experienced camper or currently camping,  storing your camping chairs is the best way to maintain your camping chair clean and long-lasting for several years. You can find many different types of camping chairs on the market. Every chair has a unique storage method.

There is, however, a typical camping chair that could be kept in the garage. You can try covering it to keep it clean throughout and prevent it from attracting dirt. Some of them have a plush cushion on the top, though most fold down. They are simple to store in the shed or garage. Make sure only that their top stays dry.

We are going to list some places where you can store the camping chair:


If you need to store your camping chair, a car is a great option as it is easy to access when you need it. Besides, you will never forget your chair at home when you are camping with friends.


A garage is another option if you are looking for a place to store your camping chair, as the storage bins will provide you with a good storing place, and this way, packaging will not be a problem anymore.


Camping chairs are the best to offer you a good place to sit and relax while having fun with your camp friends. Nevertheless, with bad maintenance, they can easily become dirty as they are mostly used in dusty places.

In conclusion, there are many ways and methods to keep your camping chair clean. To keep them in good condition, you can use several methods and cleaning materials, including vinegar, garment cleaner, or alcohol spray, depending on the fabric of your camping chair.


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