Uvex Wanted Visor Ski Helmet Review

Uvex Wanted Visor Ski Helmet Review


For over 90 years, Uvex has been a pioneer in protective products, ensuring the safety of athletes and recreational enthusiasts alike. The Uvex Wanted Visor Ski Helmet combines cutting-edge technology, a sporty design, and high-quality comfort features. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the pros, cons, key features, and provide a final verdict on this sought-after helmet.

Pros Cons
Impact-resistant outer shell for robustness Limited color options
Shock-absorbing EPS inner shell for safety Visor may be prone to scratches
Adjustable Uvex IAS system for a perfect fit Relatively higher price point
Closable ventilation system for climate control Limited availability in size options

Uvex Wanted Visor Ski Helmet Review

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Who Is This Product For?

The Uvex Wanted Visor Ski Helmet caters to discerning adult skiers seeking a blend of safety, comfort, and style on the slopes. Ideal for those who prioritize impact resistance, individualized fit, and fog-free vision during their skiing adventures.

The Features of Uvex Wanted Visor Ski Helmet

1. Impact Resistance and Shock Absorption

The helmet’s outer shell is impressively impact-resistant, providing robust protection on the outside. Meanwhile, the EPS inner shell absorbs shocks, ensuring optimal safety without compromising comfort.

2. Adjustable Uvex IAS System

The Uvex IAS system allows for easy and quick adjustments, ensuring a customized fit based on individual head circumference. This feature enhances overall wearing comfort, making the helmet adaptable to various head shapes.

Uvex Wanted Visor Ski Helmet Review

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3. Fog-Free Vision with Mirrored Visor

The integrated visor with Uvex Supravision anti-fog coating offers a clear and draft-free view in all conditions. With a light transmission of 19-43%, the visor is suitable for both cloudy and sunny days, providing a versatile solution for skiers.

4. Closable Ventilation System

Uvex prioritizes optimal ventilation properties in their helmets. The closable ventilation system efficiently regulates climate, preventing heat build-up during intense activities. This feature ensures comfort and adaptability, allowing users to control their helmet’s airflow.

Final Verdict

The Uvex Wanted Visor Ski Helmet impresses with its clean design, mirrored visor, and a host of comfort features. While the limited color options and relatively higher price point may deter some potential buyers, the helmet’s unmatched impact resistance, adjustable fit, and fog-free vision make it a top contender for avid skiers. Whether you’re navigating steep slopes or enjoying leisurely runs, this helmet delivers on safety, style, and functionality.

In conclusion, the Uvex Wanted Visor Ski Helmet stands out as a reliable companion for skiing enthusiasts, offering a balance of safety and style. Its innovative features and commitment to comfort make it a worthy investment for those who prioritize top-notch protection on the slopes.

uvex Wanted Visor, Adjustable ski & Snowboard Helmet with Integrated Visor for Women & Men, Black mat, Small
  • Impact-resistant on the outside and shock-absorbing on the inside thanks to the robust outer shell and EPS inner shell
  • Average/normal reduction of solar radiation through filter category 2 with a light transmission of 19-43%
  • Exact adaptation to the circumference of your head thanks to the adjustable uvex IAS system
  • The FAS webbing can be easily and freely adjusted exactly to the shape of your own head
  • Closable ventilation system for climate regulation


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