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A climber, a hiker, an outdoor worker, or even an indoor worker… Regardless of these, the Ptahdus jacket is a bright product with a lot of potential as a savior of winter and cold days for many users.

In this direction, let’s examine this jacket, which can satisfy you at many points, including its multi-functionality and the cut it appeals to, with the details!

Brand Ptahdus
Department Men
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer Batteries Required (Included)
Color Black, Graphite, Dark Blue, Black & Yellow
Materials %100 Polyester
Pros Cons
Machine Washable Problematic Batteries
Water Resistant & Windproof Problematic Charging
S Heat Zones It Needs Bigger Batteries
Heating up to 140°F Not Heating Pockets

Why & Who Choose Ptahdus Heated Jacket?

In addition to its adjustable heater features, Ptahdus is a high-quality and long-lasting heating jacket with a performance life of up to 8 hours.

With the fact that it is offered to its users at a very affordable cost against all its competitors, it has the potential to appeal to many types of people, from outdoor workers to action athletes. In this context, it can satisfy everyone.

In addition, as a product with 5 heating zones, including a hand warmer supported with carbon fiber heating elements, Ptahdus can offer you all kinds of possibilities as a product with 3 different heat levels and 2 different power buttons.




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Features of Ptahdus Heated Jacket

Convenient & Comfortable Use: Selectable Heating Levels 

Ptahdus jacket is a very comfortable, easy, and convenient product with its adjustable temperatures and many more heating features.

When it comes to heated jackets, a complex and difficult product may come to mind. However, when technology is involved, this may seem quite normal when you say cables, batteries, chargers, etc. But on the other hand, I can say that Ptahdus is very advantageous and easy to use, which can be said to be highly successful. Installation, charging, and changing the batteries are practical and can be handled immediately.

However, two power buttons can result in quite functional and practical results, making the jacket convenient. On the other hand, sufficient time for its charge to change does not cause any problems due to its operation at high or low temperatures. In addition, I think that being TSA-friendly is a feature that frequent visitors can consider.

As a hiker, I find this jacket very suitable for outdoor and action sports, and I also think it is easy to use. Accordingly, it does not have a very bulky texture and design, so it can easily fit layered clothing and offers convenience.

On the other hand, the selectable heating levels in the product can also provide a lot of functionality. While you can control the hand and body warmer via the two power buttons I just mentioned, you can also adjust the heat in 3 ways: high, medium, and low.

Besides, I have said that it is pretty functional and I have already stated that I am delighted with my experience in this context. But there is one more point I would like to add in connection with this; Ptahdus is also a jacket with a quick-heat function, and in this context, as a hiker, I find this feature extremely useful. It also can heat for up to 8 hours at low temperatures.


Quality of Material & Durability 

In addition to its quality texture and the fact that its exterior is made of 100% polyester, Ptahdus heated jacket, supported by DWR, is a product that can withstand many outdoor conditions and guarantees long-term service.

If we talk about its quality and materials as well as its functionality, I can say that Ptahdus is quite durable and robust except for specific points, and in this direction, it guarantees a very long-lasting use and service life. Its composition is made of polyester, one of its primary materials, and it is waterproof by protecting you against all kinds of dangers and not shortening its own life. Ptahdus jacket, in which the fabric is strengthened and supported thanks to the DWR or another way, the Durable Water Repellent coat, can provide you with superior quality and experience.

While it offers a much better heating performance than many of its competitors, it can balance its functionality and durability thanks to the S heat zones inside.

In addition, Ptahdus’ being machine washable can be met as a plus for the user, as a feature that proves its quality. On the other hand, there are certain deficiencies in terms of quality. For example, the fact that the adapter does not have a long life, as it causes some problems with charging and batteries, unfortunately, turns into a minus for the jacket. Nevertheless, the brand is expected to take a step in this direction by me and many users.

Moreover, I think that the brand’s production of batteries on this model, which is more compatible with today’s technology and is easily accessible, will enable it to improve greatly.

Great Concept & Design: Sizing & Colors 




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Ptahdus jacket is quite evident that this product, which is offered in the market with various color and size options, is a design wonder from top to bottom. In this context, it is presented as a technological opportunity.

Another feature that is considered as a jacket and outerwear subject is its design, comfort, and most importantly, I think it’s yours. In this direction, I have experienced that Ptahdus has a perfect sizing chart and functions consistently. Although this jacket, which I have participated in the L size, does not look bulky, it can grip and wrap the body in a way that can keep it as warm as a bulky jacket. Ptahdus did a pretty good job in this context.

Similarly, when the concept issue is considered, I think the topics such as functionality, practicality, and durability mentioned above are reflected in its design.

As a hiker, when I heard about the heating jacket for the first time, it was strange, and to be honest, I didn’t trust it. But I trusted Ptahdus for the first experience, and I still trust it even better. Ptahdus, which offers an excellent concept in terms of comfort, functionality, and design, as well as not giving me any problems with its cost, which I will talk about shortly, has turned into equipment that supports me by not preventing me from doing my sports even on many cold and wet days. So I congratulate and thank him for this.

In terms of design, it can offer its users additional alternatives by having black, graphite, black and yellow, and dark blue colors. The fleece coating on the inside makes the design even warmer.

On the other hand, the heaters in their jackets do not function as well as the entire jacket but allow you to manage it well up to a point. In addition, it was not an aspect I needed or felt lacking.

Value for Money & Affordable

Ptahdus heated jacket can show you its value for money by meeting all these superior and privileged features with the best performance and affordable cost.

Finally, I think that this product, combined with technology and is a future wonder, is more cost-effective than many of its competitors in the market. It is an excellent quality to offer the first experience in the series. Moreover, when you evaluate it within the discount coupons, you can get a very high-quality heating jacket at a very affordable cost.

In addition to its cost, it is evident that the product is precious for money, as it can fulfill all its features in the best way and appeal to many types of users in this direction.

Final Verdict

As a final verdict, From all angles, it is a product that can guarantee its place at the top of the list and satisfy all kinds of users. But on the other hand, the developments it will make in terms of battery and charging are also development steps that will brighten the light of the Ptahdus jacket.


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Top Amazon Customer Comments

Sunshine – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Works!!! Heats up fast and well. You can turn it down and up if it gets too hot. Easy to use. Just plug it up in the inside push the button three times and you are warm all over. Great purchase

Tye Toliver-Lewis – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This is easily one of my favorite jackets. It’s heavier than a windbreaker, but lighter than a peacoat. It’s a great middle jacket. The warming panels are great. Definitely keeps you warm without the burning feeling. The battery however does die a bit quickly, and I always seem to forget to put the battery back in after charging. Do better than me!

The Dancing Banana – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I usually wear XXXL shirts and the XXXL jacket come close to fitting me well. Plenty of room on the midsection but not so much that it is drafty, but the length on the jacket isn’t long enough and there is a gap of about one inch between where the bottom of the jacket ends and the top of my pants begin.

Dubelee – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Fits and warms as they say

Kimberly Black – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This is a really nice quality jacket and easy to heat up. Made a great gift.

Terri L. Gately – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: My husband loved this jacket. It’s easy to control the heat levels with the press button that’s on the breast area. It’s stylish enough you could wear it as a ski coat. It was for Christmas along with some heated gloves. He was thrilled to have it and I don’t have to worry about him being cold outside while he’s working.

CathyB – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Gift for grandson. He is appreciating the adjustable heat in North Dakota this winter.

kevin popovich – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This coat is great. A little heavier, weight and construction, than I anticipated. Battery lasts for almost 2 weeks when you only use it 10-15 minutes at a time, a few times a day. It sure beats bundling up or dressing in layers.


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