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One of the most necessary things for those who love hiking is a bag in which they can carry their equipment. Many brands have quality backpacks. These brands produce many models with various features according to hiker’s needs. More options allow people to find the right bag they need but also make it difficult to decide. Please don’t lose hope, though, it’s still possible to find the best bag.

It is helpful to benefit from other people’s experiences and read reviews. Thus, you can get detailed information about the products and reduce the possibility of disappointment by choosing the products that others are satisfied with. If you have a specific product in mind, it would be helpful to find a review that compares this bag with different brands and models. 

In this article, we compared the two different capacities of Osprey Kyte to help you find the best bag. We have examined the features of Kyte 36 and 46 in detail to compare them. As one of the most preferred brands by hiking lovers, it does not disappoint with the Kyte model. So let’s look at the features of the two different capacities of the Kyte.

Osprey Kyte 36 

Osprey Kyte 36

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This bag is suitable for women. It does not have a huge capacity and size. More useful for short trips. It has two sizes: extra small/small and small/medium. Extra small/small size has a 34-liter capacity, while the capacity of small/medium is 36-liter. There are different color options, but they are usually in dark tones. It has an integrated removable rain cover. You can cover the bag by taking it out of the bag pocket. 

The AirSpace back panel provides breathability and reduces sweating. Also, the torso length is adjustable. Thus, you can get the highest comfort by adjusting it according to your body. The straps and hip belt are padded. There are two hip belt pockets to store small belongings such as keys and money. It has a fixed top lid, and there is a zippered mesh pocket under this part for extra storage.

The ice tool is necessary for those who will climb snowy peaks. This bag has an ice tool attachment, and people can carry their ice tools in this part of the bag. You can also carry trekking poles easily with the Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole attachments. Thus your hands can be free all the way. It has both upper and lower compression straps to keep the items more stable inside the bag.

There is a sleeping bag compartment at the bottom of the bag. You can remove the sleeve if you do not carry the sleeping bag. Then you will have extra space in the main compartment. It has straps to carry a sleeping pad. These are also removable. It has mesh pockets on the sides and front. The ones on the sides are designed to carry water bottles.

Osprey Kyte 46

Osprey Kyte 46

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This bag is also suitable for women but designed for longer trips. You can use it for up to 5 days of trips and overnight hiking. Since your summer clothes are lighter, you can carry more items on summer trips. On winter trips, it will be harder to fit your stuff inside the bag. It is a lightweight bag despite being large. Its small/medium size has a 46-liter capacity. There is also an extra small/small size. 

It has a few dark color options and more than 7 pockets. This bag can carry up to 35 pounds. There is access to the main compartment from the side pocket and the wide upper part. The hip belt has a padded structure and zippered pockets for small items. Kyte 46 also has mesh side pockets and a zippered mesh pocket under the fixed top lid. 

Like other bags of the brand, it also has an Airspace back panel and adjustable torso length feature for comfortable carrying. Additionally, ice tool attachments and Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole attachments are available in this bag. These are very useful for people who use these tools. This bag also has an integrated rain cover which means it is attached to one of the bag pockets, and you can take it out to use whenever you need it. 

This bag is suitable for overnight hiking with its large capacity. That is why its sleeping bag compartment is very functional. However, it is a carry-on bag, so you can remove the sleeve in the sleeping bag compartment and expand the main compartment when you take the bag with you on your flights. You can also remove the sleeping pad straps when you do not need them.

Osprey Kyte 36 vs 46


The main difference between them is their capacity. Osprey Kyte 36 has two different sizes with 34-liter and 36-liter capacities. Osprey Kyte 46 also has two sizes with 44-liter and 46-liter capacities. Their use varies accordingly. The Osprey Kyte 36 is better for short trips of up to 2 days. The Osprey Kyte 46 is more suitable for trips between 2-5 days.

Both bags have a sleeping bag compartment, but with its large capacity, the Osprey Kyte 46 is better for overnight hiking. Besides, the 46 provides two different access to the main compartment while the 36 only has one access from the upper part of the bag. As known, this brand is expensive, but 36 is cheaper since it has a smaller capacity.  


These two products have very similar features since they are the different capacities of the same model. But, of course, they both have the same quality. The AirSpace back panel and adjustable torso length provide ultimate comfort. Straps and hip belt parts are padded. But the breathable structure prevents sweating and discomfort. The hip belts also have zippered pockets to keep most required items. 

The top lid is removable in some models of this brand, but it is fixed in Kytes. Both have zippered mesh pockets under their top lids. These pockets are functional storage areas for small items. Moreover, both have an integrated rain cover. It is advantageous because even though rain covers are usually included in this brand’s backpacks, some brands sell them separately, which will cost extra.

They have ice tool attachments and Stow-on-the-Go trekking pole attachments. These are not available in every backpack. Most other models of this brand do not have these attachments. However, these are not must-have features for everyone. They provide convenience for those who use these tools, but if you are not using an ice tool or a trekking pole, the bag you will buy does not have to have these attachments.

They have sleeping bag compartments with removable dividers and removable sleeping pad straps. The meshed side pockets are ideal for carrying water bottles. We can say that both bags are pretty durable and price worthy. The brand trusts its product’s quality. That is why it provides a lifetime warranty on its backpacks. In short, it is one of the most comfortable models for women hikers. 

Final Verdict

Osprey is a brand frequently preferred by hikers. Its quality is known well by everyone. Moreover, it constantly improves technology to produce better bags and provide the highest comfort for its customers. Although all Osprey bags have similar features, there are also different features designed strictly for special needs. Therefore, we can say that it is pretty easy to find a backpack from Osprey according to your desire.

Kyte is one of its backpack models. It has 36 and 46-liter capacity options. So we can say that they have average capacities since they are not small, but Osprey has higher capacity backpacks. This model has a smaller capacity than other models because it is produced for women’s use. The small size will fit better for women and provide the best comfort. It is unquestionably a good backpack with its high quality.

In this article, we compared two different capacities of Kyte. We believe our evaluation will be helpful for women who are looking for a good hiking backpack. In our article, you can find the detailed features of both 36 and 46, and you can also choose the most suitable size for you, thanks to their comparison. We hope you found this comparison helpful. See you in other reviews.


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