Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Review

Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Review


Camping is an adventure, but it’s essential to have a good night’s sleep in the great outdoors. The Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag promises to be the perfect companion for camping couples and families seeking comfort and convenience. This spacious double sleeping bag comes packed with features designed to cater to varying temperature needs and ensure a restful slumber under the stars. In this review, we’ll explore the pros and cons, notable features, and determine who will benefit most from this product.

Pros Cons
1. Spacious and Comfortable: The double-wide design provides ample space for two people to snuggle or sleep comfortably. 1. Bulky and Heavy: Due to its size, the sleeping bag may be challenging to carry for long distances.
2. All-Season Versatility: Suitable for use in all seasons, thanks to independent ventilation and removable top layer. 2. Limited Portability: Not ideal for solo campers, as it may be too large for individual use.
3. Innovative Foot Vents: The two-way zip foot vents allow easy temperature regulation, preventing overheating during warm nights. 3. Price Tag: Being feature-rich, the sleeping bag comes with a higher price compared to regular single bags.
4. Built-in Blankets: The patented built-in blankets offer additional warmth and a touch of home comfort. 4. Cleaning Challenge: Washing and drying the large sleeping bag can be cumbersome.

Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Review

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Who Is This Product For?

The Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag is specifically designed for camping couples and families seeking a shared sleeping solution that doesn’t compromise on comfort. The spacious double-wide design caters to two people, allowing them to snuggle and enjoy a cozy night together under the stars.

Couples embarking on outdoor adventures will appreciate the independent ventilation system, as it enables each person to control their sleeping environment independently. This feature is especially beneficial when one partner is more sensitive to temperature changes than the other. Moreover, the removable top layer offers flexibility for camping trips during varying weather conditions, making it ideal for couples who enjoy camping throughout the year.

Families with young campers will also find the Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide Sleeping Bag to be a perfect fit. The generous space and comfort features allow parents to share the sleeping bag with their child, creating a nurturing and cozy environment for family camping trips. Furthermore, the Cloud Loft insulation ensures reliable warmth, providing parents with peace of mind that their little ones are snug and protected during chilly nights in the great outdoors.

While the Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide Sleeping Bag may not be the best choice for solo adventurers or ultralight backpackers due to its size and weight, it excels in providing all-night comfort and convenience for camping duos and families. Whether you’re car camping, hiking to a nearby campsite, or enjoying a weekend in the woods, this sleeping bag ensures that your outdoor escapades are filled with comfort and memorable experiences.

The Features of Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

Independent Ventilation

One of the standout features of the Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide Sleeping Bag is its innovative independent ventilation system. Camping with a partner often means dealing with different temperature preferences. While one person might feel too warm, the other might be shivering. Kelty has addressed this issue by incorporating independent ventilation for each sleeper.

Located on each side of the sleeping bag, the ventilation system allows campers to adjust the airflow according to their personal comfort needs. This means that you and your camping partner can each control the temperature on your respective sides, ensuring a restful night’s sleep for both without compromise. This thoughtful feature is especially valuable during those unpredictable weather nights when the temperature can fluctuate from chilly to balmy within hours.

Removable Top Layer

Versatility is a key factor in the design of the Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag. During hot summer nights or in milder weather conditions, campers can make use of the fully removable top layer. By detaching this layer, you transform the sleeping bag into a lighter and cooler option, providing comfort even when the temperature rises.

The removable top layer not only enhances temperature control but also offers the convenience of customization. When the nights turn colder, simply reattach the top layer to enjoy the full warmth and insulation of the 20-degree bag. This adaptability makes the Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide Sleeping Bag suitable for camping all year round, accommodating various climates and preferences with ease.

Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Review

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Cloud Loft Insulation

When it comes to insulation, the Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide Sleeping Bag boasts the advanced Cloud Loft technology. This insulation is engineered to provide optimal warmth while maintaining a lightweight and packable profile. The Cloud Loft fill consists of high-quality synthetic fibers that mimic the softness and loftiness of down, ensuring a cozy and comfortable sleep under the stars.

The benefits of Cloud Loft extend beyond its insulation properties. The fibers are compressible, allowing the sleeping bag to pack down efficiently when not in use, which is especially important for space-conscious campers. Additionally, Cloud Loft is quick-drying, an essential feature for outdoor adventures where the weather can be unpredictable. Even if your sleeping bag gets damp, you can rest assured that it will dry quickly, preventing any discomfort during subsequent nights.

Ample Space

The Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag is designed to offer an abundance of space for you and your camping companion. With a width of 64 inches across the shoulders and a total length of 84 inches, this double-wide sleeping bag provides a roomy and unrestricted sleeping area. You can comfortably snuggle up together, move around, and even roll over without feeling confined.

This ample space is particularly appreciated by restless sleepers or those who prefer a more unrestricted sleeping experience. No longer will you find yourself entangled in a cramped sleeping bag, as the Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide gives you the freedom to find your perfect sleeping position. Whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, or a combination of both, this sleeping bag accommodates your preferences, ensuring a better night’s rest while camping.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag is a top-notch choice for camping couples and families seeking unparalleled comfort in the great outdoors. Its standout features, such as independent ventilation, a removable top layer, Cloud Loft insulation, and ample space, elevate the camping experience to a new level of luxury and convenience.

The ability to control individual sleeping temperatures, along with the flexibility to adapt to changing weather conditions, ensures a good night’s sleep under any circumstances. Its spacious design makes it feel like a home away from home, allowing campers to relax and unwind after a day of outdoor activities.

While it may not be tailored for solo hikers or ultralight enthusiasts, the Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide Sleeping Bag excels as a reliable and cozy companion for camping couples and families. Embrace the joys of camping without compromising on comfort and warmth with this feature-rich sleeping bag by Kelty.

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