8 Best Hiking Shoes for Hawaii

thumbnail 8 Best Hiking Shoes for Hawaii

As a hiking enthusiast, choosing your shoes, being your best company, and the most critical component in terms of performance can be a complicated and demanding process. In this context, you should choose a shoe that won’t cause difficulties in your hiking process and won’t expose you to problems and risks, regardless of big or small, with the best choice under specific criteria to be considered.

You can consider some shoe features in a place like Hawaii, especially since it has a privileged weather climate. In this direction, we have examined the best hiking shoes for Hawaii on this list that we have compiled under the title of the “8 best hiking shoes for Hawaii”.

Here are the best hiking shoes for Hawaii;

1- Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Shoe

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Shoe

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The Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof hiking boot is an essential companion for female hikers. At the same time, creating such excellent support top quality components were used to make them waterproof, breathable, and durable. These shoes effortlessly blend pleasure and toughness while yet being thin and fashionable.

It ensures the best protection and avoidance. To protect from easy paths to rocky mountains and hot weather, this hiking shoe has a breathable mesh and leather covering. Furthermore, the highly effective grip sole strives to maintain traction gripping in any circumstance to avoid slippage. Last but not least, the recognizable lightweight footbed offers all-day comfort and exceptional padding in around and total energy release.


  1. Waterproof & Breathable
  2. Enhanced Impact Absorption & High Energy Return
  3. All-Terrain Traction


  1. Problematic Sizing
  2. Causing Foot Fatigue
  3. Thin Insoles
  • Waterproof & Breathable: Thanks to its structure and texture material, it’s very durable and water-resistant, and it won’t cause a problem in wet conditions, as well as prevents feet from sweating or feeling discomforted in this context with its breathing fabric creation.
  • All-Terrain Traction:  A shoe that can be the biggest savior of all difficult paths!
  • We rank this product 6 out of 8!

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plush Hiking Shoe Review

Columbia has been able to announce its performance in shoe comfort. In this context, this model provides a lot of comfort in use, although it seems hard with its structure made of very stiff leather. However, it can cause foot fatigue on long journeys.

As a hiker will pay attention when choosing shoes, Columbia is a very flexible shoe in this direction. Thanks to the Omni-Grip rubber soles under it, it can handle many challenging trails, regardless of whether it is stony, muddy, or slippery. Still, if we recall the one mentioned above again, it can naturally reduce its performance on long journeys.

Moreover, thanks to its waterproof feature, it saves your feet from getting wet in watery environments and weather conditions and doesn’t cause any difficulties while walking.

2- Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

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Vent hiking shoes, having an ideal structure and performance for daily short hiking, are produced in a durable quality adapting many paths and road conditions. With the rubber toe cap, you won’t face the risk of injuring your foot against any stone or rock. In addition, thanks to the breathable construction material accompanying its comfortable texture, you’ll prevent your feet from suffocating while walking in hot weather.


  1. Great Traction
  2. Comfortable & Breathable Structure
  3. Has Protective Rubber Toe Cap


  1. Not Water-Resistant
  2. Heavy
  3. Insufficient Support
  • Comfortable & Breathable Structure: Its comfortable interior design is also supported by breathable fabric technology that prevents your feet from sweating and getting overwhelmed.
  • Has Protective Rubber Toe Cap: Thanks to the rubber toe cap on the front, you will ensure that your feet are comfortable and safe, especially during walks on stony and rocky roads.
  • We rank this product 5 out of 8!

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe Review

In addition to the comfortable pads used in its interior design, it offers very comfortable use as the fabric is mainly made of material that allows your feet to breathe comfortably. 

However, at some point, it may be a minor problem to untie the laces quickly. Moreover, thanks to its breathable, comfortable fabric design, it can be used comfortably in hot weather. In this context, considering a walking activity in Hawaii, it becomes a very useful feature.

Moreover, this shoe, designed and supported for short-term hiking activities, provides balance and prevents the foot from getting tired. However, although it may seem like a light model, it can have a very challenging feature at some points due to the heavy feeling it gives when worn.

On the other hand, the grips of this shoe perform pretty well, offering easy walking on many complex surfaces. Furthermore, it does not cause problems such as slipping or tripping during walking thanks to the floor grips that grip many floors, regardless of dry or wet.

As a shortcoming, it receives negative feedback from its users as it is not waterproof and remains in the background due to its inability to adapt to rainy or wet weather conditions.

3- Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

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In addition to its supportive and comfortable structure, this shoe prevents the problems experienced during the hiking process, exhibits superior performance, and has a long life. Supportively, it’s produced in a design suitable for many weather conditions with its waterproof and breathable fabric.


  1. Water-resistant & Breathable
  2. Supportive Footbed
  3. Durable


  1. Heavy
  2. Making Feet Sweaty
  3. Grips Don’t Work Well in Mud or Steep Rock
  • Supportive Footbed: Thanks to the well-cushioned interior design inside, you’ll always feel comfortable on or “under” your feet.
  • Durable: Its tight and solid structure doesn’t let the user down and has long-lasting durability.
  • We rank this product 4 out of 8!

Merrel Men’s Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot Review

Its well-cushioned structure covering its interior design guarantees the comfort of your feet, while performing a superior performance without causing foot fatigue during hiking. 

In addition, the laces are very comfortable and make your journey comfortable without squeezing your feet or loosening quickly. The well-adjusted angle of the base also ensures that many users don’t have any problems with sizing and offers comfort.

In addition, thanks to these shoes made of water-resistant and breathable fabric, you can walk in many weather conditions without any problems. As a long-lasting shoe, it offers durable uses without getting old quickly, thanks to the latest quality materials used during construction.

However, when it comes to its shortcomings, it has some aspects that need improvement in terms of weight and makes the feet sweat. Moreover, the grips on the soles, unfortunately, don’t perform well on muddy and steep rocky roads.

4- Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

Merrell Women's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

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Merrell Moab 2 Vent, which has a very comfortable texture and an outer design supported by pigskin leather and meshed upper, is also presented to the market at a very affordable price. In this context, it offers a very comfortable and appropriate performance during hiking.


  1. Reasonable Price
  2. Supportive & Comfortable
  3. Pigskin Leather & Mesh Upper


  1. Not Water-resistant
  2. Uncomfortable Tongue
  3. Slow to Dry
  • Reasonable Price: Unlike many hiking shoes on the market, it’s offered at a very affordable and user-friendly price.
  • Supportive & Comfortable: It is a very supportive and comfortable shoe that does not tire the feet.
  • We rank this product 8 out of 8!

Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe Review

When examined from a general point of view, it prevents problems such as fatigue during walking, as it’s made of very comfortable and supportive materials. Nevertheless, although the thick tongue part seems to be a comfortable part at first and very durable thanks to its thickness, over time and after a few wears, it takes on a texture that disturbs the foot. For this reason, it seems that the tongue part needs some minor touches in terms of design.

Besides these, thanks to its flexible platform and rigidity from big toe to heel, it offers a very supportive performance during movement. In addition, it also exhibits excellent gripping performance on complex and rocky paths, protecting you from dangers such as slipping or falling. At the same time, this shoe, which is on the market at a very affordable price, has a very user-friendly price.

As a minus, it has been the center of negative feedback in terms of being unable to perform in many lousy weather conditions, as it is not water-resistant, and it is also tough to dry after washing.

5- Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Suede Waterproof Boot

Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II Suede Waterproof Boot

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Newton Ridge Plus II Suede is a candidate to be the favorite shoe of hiking lovers with its water-resistant and lightweight design. It doesn’t cause pain and problems during hiking with its comfortable coating inside, and it’s ready to show a very durable performance with its leather coating on the outside. Newton Ridge Plus II Suede is built for comfort, protection, and style!


  1. Water-resistant & Leather Outer Supported
  2. Lightweight
  3. Built for Comfort, Protection, & Style


  1. Problematic Sizing
  2. Not Durable
  3. Not Suitable for Hot Weather
  • Water-resistant & Leather Outer Supported: With its water-resistant structure, it is protected against wet and bad weather conditions and protects your feet from cold weather conditions thanks to its leather-covered exterior.
  • Lightweight: Unlike many other, especially winter-soled hiking shoes, they have a very light texture and do not cause foot fatigue during walking.
  • We rank this product 3 out of 8!

Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Suede Waterproof Boot Review

Columbia, which is of high quality and high performance in terms of comfort, as one of the first rules a hiking enthusiast will follow when choosing shoes, guarantees a very supportive and comfortable walking experience. 

Moreover, it does not prevent hiking lovers from their activities under harsh weather conditions such as winter, as it protects against external factors with its exterior completely covered with leather. However, being waterproof is a feature that can prevent such problems and keep your feet dry.

Additionally, the fact that it is in a much lighter texture compared to many hiking shoes makes them stand out. Thanks to its lightweight mass, it prevents the foot from cramping and getting fatigued during hiking and allows you to take very light but solid steps.

In addition to all these, unfortunately, it has some problems in terms of sizing and some deficiencies in terms of durability. In addition, with its thick boot structure cannot adapt to hot weather conditions and is not very suitable for Hawaii’s seasonal needs.

6- Foxelli Men’s Hiking Boots — Waterproof Suede Leather

Foxelli Men’s Hiking Boots – Waterproof Suede Leather

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This hiking shoe is also a good companion, supported by waterproof and breathable fabric technology. Therefore, it is a candidate to be the favorite of many hiking enthusiasts, as it will lead to very comfortable and quality steps during hiking. Moreover, it doesn’t make its buyer regret meeting all these beneficial aspects quite well.


  1. Waterproof & Breathable
  2. Quality & Comfort-Built
  3. Value for Money


  1. Ankles & Heel Supports Are Weak
  2. Too Soft Sole
  3. Problematic Sizing
  • Quality & Comfort-Built: This shoe is made of high-quality and performance-enhancing materials ensuring its durability and longevity, also guaranteeing comfort.
  • Value for Money: It is a complete value-for-money shoe with all its features.
  • We rank this product 2 out of 8!

Foxelli Men’s Hiking Boots — Waterproof Suede Leather Review

Thanks to the comfort of the interior design accompanying its stylish design and the fact that it is produced from quality materials, Foxelli meets the needs of many hiking enthusiasts and accompanies them well during hiking.

Thanks to its comfortable and breathable layer, it doesn’t allow your feet to get stuck or tired, and thanks to its light structure allow you to walk very easily. In addition, thanks to these shoes, which also have a waterproof feature, you will not have difficulty in wet or bad weather conditions, and at the same time, you will prevent your feet from getting damp or cold.

Another advantageous feature of Foxelli is that it is value for money. With all these quality features, it offers high performance during hiking and fully meets its value.

However, when we look at the other side of the coin, we can see that it has some shortcomings, unfortunately. For example, the supports on the ankle and heel parts are a bit weak and have some problems with your sizing. Along with these, it has a too-soft sole.

7- Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid Gore-TEX Boots Mens

Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid Gore-TEX Boots Mens

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With its durable lacing design, this shoe, not giving its user any shortcomings in terms of stability, is quite advantageous. Moreover, thanks to its solid structure, it provides long-term use and offers its users high-quality hiking time.


  1. Solid Lacing System
  2. Quite Stable
  3. Great Durability


  1. Heavy & Overbuilt
  2.  Poor Quality of Traction on Wet & Dry Paths
  3. Not Quite Comfortable
  • Solid Lacing System: As a hiking enthusiast, you won’t have classic lacing problems, and you’ll enjoy your walk safely thanks to this hiking boot.
  • Relatively Stable: Compared to the hiking shoes on the market, it has a very high performance in stability.
  • We rank this product 7 out of 8!

Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid Gore-TEX Boots Mens Review

This hiking boot, being handy and practical with its robust lacing design and structure, is also a candidate to be the favorite of many hiking enthusiasts. Moreover, as it guarantees safe steps, unlike many hiking shoes, this shoe, having excellent stability, also shows very high performance.

It not only provides advantages to the user by preventing slip, fall, or balance problems but also prevents the hiking process from becoming more complex. In this context, it is a long-lasting product as well as being quite firm. Furthermore, its solid construction materials and coating make it a very durable and sturdy shoe.

Although the shoe doesn’t leak water or liquid during use, its poor performance under conditions such as puddles or mud tried during this process has, unfortunately, become the target of much negative feedback. Similarly, the fabric texture doesn’t breathe, making the feet sweaty.

8- CMP Women’s High Rise Hiking Shoes

CMP Women's High Rise Hiking Shoes

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Being lightweight, water-resistant, breathable, and having great traction and support, this shoe serves as the number one hiking shoe, especially for Hawaii. It supports its users in many ways and doesn’t give any regrets by exhibiting superior performance.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Great Traction & Support
  3. Water Resistance & Breathability


  1. Possible Cuffs Uncomfortable for Some
  2. Quicklace Might Take Some Getting Used to
  3. Costly
  • Great Traction & Support: This shoe, being a solution for many difficult roads and a savior, has excellent traction and meets the support of your foot with full performance.
  • Water Resistance & Breathability: Thanks to its water-resistant structure, it can overcome many difficult weather conditions and prevents your feet from being squeezed, thanks to its breathing texture in hot weather conditions.
  • We rank this product 1 out of 8!

CMP Women’s High Rise Hiking Shoes Review

Despite its very light structure, it has a solid and durable structure, and the CMP High Rise hiking shoe is the best shoe that hiking enthusiasts can choose.

The weight issue, which is a very useful and important feature during walking, is very critical in the context of shoes. That is to say, in order not to get tired of the foot, not to get cramps, and not to get stuck during walking, it is necessary to choose very light but durable options when choosing hiking shoes. In this case, CMP High Rise performs quite well.

Moreover, along with its foot-supporting design, it has a solid quality on the classic stony, muddy, or swampy roads encountered during hiking. It doesn’t cause any difficulty to the user by being compatible with all road conditions. Additionally, with its waterproof feature and breathable design, it stands out as a shoe allowing hiking in many seasons, especially in Hawaii conditions.

When we collect all these, we can say that on the 8 best hiking shoes for Hawaii list, it is a shoe deserving to be ranked at the top of the list.

Questions about 8 Best Hiking Shoes for Hawaii

Q: What are the critical features of hiking shoes?

A: Having supportive uppers and all-terrain traction are the main features of hiking shoes, but being water-resistant to avoid difficulties under seasonal conditions also becomes a key feature.

Q: What to consider while choosing hiking shoes?

A: First, you should choose a shoe of the right size, which should not be too big or too tight for your feet. Then you should check whether it has compatible features for hiking. Accordingly, these features include key features such as water resistance, support, flexibility, and all-traction. By sticking to these, you can optionally consider a budget-friendly shoe.

Final Verdict

As a final verdict, on this list of best hiking shoes for Hawaii, we chose CMP Women’s High Rise Hiking Shoes as our favorite product. Thanks to this shoe, offering its users advantages and positive aspects with its stylistic model, along with the material and high-quality structure it supports, hiking in many weather conditions, especially in Hawaii, becomes much more straightforward. In this context,  CMP High Rise is the most valuable on the 8 best hiking shoes for Hawaii list.

As for honorable mentions, we have our second and third-ranked shoes; Foxelli Men’s Hiking Boots and Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II with their quite advantageous and well-built aspects. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe, being in the last place on the list, on the other hand, was slightly weaker than the products in the list due to its lack of water resistance and some deficiencies in its functions. In this context, it can be said that it is a candidate to be a very good product with the improvements and reviews it’ll make.


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